Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Love Me Or Hate Me, Trust Me, @ Night I Still Sleep The Same."

I had wondered what it would have meant.. to be loved and it was like appa-rent, that this love wasn't heaven sent, but this romance he needed.. he was like so hell-bent.. in creating some type of leg-acy.. wait a minute..hold up..canyoutellme.. why it is that you chose me?
Who's there?
They say the name is misery, I come to suck and drain eve-ry energy, happy? Oh no, not on this day, I don't do kid's recitals.. I just don't do play.. It'll be a cold day in hell before I bow down to you. and if it's hot climate, then  I'll hold ma breath until my face  turns blue
Dig this here.. puck you..and you and you.. and if you wanna get nasty bout thangs.. Phuck ya bald head azz mammy and ya "THOT" of ah sistah too!!
Ssshh..holdin' that finger to ya mouth..Inna bout two seconds.. I'm gone turn this bish out! Keshia Wells Djkeno... Take yo pick..say it right..
Don't be mad bout the way I speak.. I didn't come here for ah fight...
Don't do chicks, don't half do dudes that's just part of my game.. Real discreet.. too damn private.. Won't catch me lookin' the same.
Stand tall cause imma "G" "S" don't stand for square in my name..
Love me or hate me.. trust me, at night, I still sleep the same.

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