Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ciara and Future Has Called It Quit Indifinitely!!!!

Looks as if Ciara and future has called it quits indefinitely, Yes people you heard it right, the wedding is off!! And Ciara is the one calling it quits, claiming that Future was cheating on her while on tour.
How unfortunate this is, due to Future and Ciara giving birth to lil Future no more then three months ago.
Being in a relationship with a Artist or Entertainer can often be the straw that breaks the camels back! With all these dehydrated women looking for nothing more then a meal ticket.
Ciara, dig this right..If you really love your man..Hold on to him.. Don't let these groupies and hoes be the reason Lil Future grows up without his father.. Hoping the best for the both of you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oscar Award Winner, Robin Williams, Dies At The Age Of 63

                                 BREAKING NEWS!!!!

Oscar Award Winner, Robin Williams, dead at the age of 63, found this morning in California.
Reports state that death was caused by suicide, however a comprehensive investigative report must be conducted prior to any final conclusions can be drawn regarding William's death.
The Marin County Coroner's office is scheduled to conduct a "Forensic Examination" on August 12, 2014
Williams Rep, Mara Buxbaum, stated to "ABC News" that he had been under severe depression as of late.
This is a sad and sudden blow that the Entertainment community has just taken and we here at Wellsink are sending our love and prayers out to the Williams family, My Goodness Robin Williams, aka "Mork" you will be truly missed!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Love Me Or Hate Me, Trust Me, @ Night I Still Sleep The Same."

I had wondered what it would have meant.. to be loved and it was like appa-rent, that this love wasn't heaven sent, but this romance he needed.. he was like so hell-bent.. in creating some type of leg-acy.. wait a minute..hold up..canyoutellme.. why it is that you chose me?
Who's there?
They say the name is misery, I come to suck and drain eve-ry energy, happy? Oh no, not on this day, I don't do kid's recitals.. I just don't do play.. It'll be a cold day in hell before I bow down to you. and if it's hot climate, then  I'll hold ma breath until my face  turns blue
Dig this here.. puck you..and you and you.. and if you wanna get nasty bout thangs.. Phuck ya bald head azz mammy and ya "THOT" of ah sistah too!!
Ssshh..holdin' that finger to ya mouth..Inna bout two seconds.. I'm gone turn this bish out! Keshia Wells Djkeno... Take yo pick..say it right..
Don't be mad bout the way I speak.. I didn't come here for ah fight...
Don't do chicks, don't half do dudes that's just part of my game.. Real discreet.. too damn private.. Won't catch me lookin' the same.
Stand tall cause imma "G" "S" don't stand for square in my name..
Love me or hate me.. trust me, at night, I still sleep the same.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Grip aka Da BodyRocka, Wants To Know "Can You Keep Up?"

Enter to win a all expense paid, flight and Hotel room, the chance to perform live on stage with Grip aka Da BodyRocka or the opportunity to show us how you keep up in the up and coming Video Shoot for the track "Can you keep up" Simply go to Reverberation/Grip aka Da BodyRocka and dwnld the track "can you keep up" and twerk it to that song then simply submit your video to Deadline for submission 10/13/14 Videos will be aired on YouTube and Facebook for voting purposes. Good luck.. Ready.. Set.. Dance!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

59 Days, and Kim Kardashian's, Marriage to Kanye West, Has Gone.. South!! And Quick Too!!

   Okay, lets take a deeper look into this whole Kim and Kanye thing.. Let's assume for just one second, that Kim is done with gobbling down big, black, hard object's for entertainment. "Ijs"
Although Kim would like for you to think, that in her world.. everything spins perfectly round. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 59 day's after exchanging vows with Kanye, Kim has been in need of a pair binoculars, just to keep a close look on just where it may have been, Kanye has seemed to emotionally and physically disappeared to.
"InTouch Magazine" has stated, that the rapper has done almost all in his power to avoid Kim since the "So Called" honeymoon.. claims multiple sources.
Kim Kardashian has been down this road before and Wellsink, can and will assure you that this marriage to Kanye was not be Kim's First, second, nor will it be her third time at this rodeo!
Let's face it, Kim "is like a door knob, you might as well say that everybody in the industry, somehow has had their turn."
  My question to you Kim Kardashian, is a question that I hope your woman enough to answer face ta face ear ta ear one day, simply because.. Well.. I don't exactly care for you a real whole lot. I think that your "Looking for love in all the wrong places" using your beauty, vagina and mouth to get whatever it is you want out of life or a man. The message that I have always gotten from you, is "it's okay to be a hoe, to create sex tapes and to DE-value yourself as a woman as long as the ultimate price is right." My question then I guess would be: "Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror, and shake your head at what you've become? Sure you made it to the top, you have the big bucks, but what's obvi that you don't have, is a feeling of self worth.

I get it, Losing your father at such an early age, you began  to look for that same kind of love that your father once displayed towards you, in the men that you date. Here is some sound advice for you Kim, you can either take it or leave it. Your marriage to Chris lasted all but of 72 day's and it appeared that you seemed to be quite embarrassed regarding the whole ordeal, but here we are yet again in 2014, some three year's later and your still goblin' down dicks, creating and turning new tricks.

We the public don't want to see you on every cover on each and every magazine, with a bunch of Kleenex balled up in your hands, red, swollen eye's, talkin' about " You never saw this coming" Honey.. Ray Charles could see that shid gettin' ready to pop off ten miles away!!
and no need to worry about being the "Laughingstock Again" you've never stopped being the "butt" of everyones jokes. Good Luck in life Kim.

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