Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce Separates After The "On The Run Tour!!?"

   More rumors regarding Jay Z and Beyonce, will Bey and Jay Z be calling it quits after the "On The Run Tour?
According to the NY Post, the couple is planning to split after touring, a close source advised the NY Post, that Jay is doing all he can to keep his marriage together, Jay Z even went as far as hiring marriage consulars to accompany the couple while on tour.
It has been rumored that the pair has been trying to find a way to separate without getting involved in a messy divorce.
"The Boom" seems to feel that Jay is the reason for the couple separating, allegedly, Jay Z felt having a child would fix the issues that he and Beyonce had been having, but we all know that a child can not save a already failing relationship.
It's not hard to spot that the couple does not wear their wedding rings either. Wellsink, isn't sure how true the divorce allegations are, However, we will say this, If the rumors are true, we here at Wellsink are wishing the best for the Carter Family.
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