Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Makes A Grown Ass Man Repeatedly Lie To Women?!!

   What is it that makes a grown man lie to the woman he may be involved with? Some may say we can thank that great ole maturity level and others may simply call it just what it is "A man being the dog that he is" I personally would like to think that all men are dogs, you just got ta pick ya breed.
Have you ever asked yourself why it is a man has to lie to his Woman/Wife about just about everything that he does? Well I have.. and I think Wellsink may have come up with a answer that is simple as day. The man that you are in love with is either afraid of your emotional response he may get from you if he is completely honest, he has something to hide, or he just isn't that invested in you and could truly care less what the outcome of his lying to you may be.
Take the man that repeatedly comes in from work three to four hours after his shift is over with. Why does he feel the need to tell his woman that he "won't be joining her for dinner due to a late business meeting after work, and for her not to wait up for him because the meeting could go on for hours." Now let's translate that for all you women who like to suck bullshit up without a straw. This man that you have been in a relationship with for year's now has suddenly been pulling after hour meetings, for the past week or so?? Ladies, let me assure you that first being in the Medical Field and working with plenty of Physician's that had Depositions, UN-expected deliveries, instant deaths and so on, no matter what the urgency was, there was absolutely no meetings I had to attend on a nightly basis.
  Now what I will tell you is, when I got tired of being in a relationship that I saw wasn't going to go any  further then what it had already gone in ten year's, I felt obligated to please me..
I had begun to do things that made me happy and if that included pleasing me, then so be it, that's what I did to begin to create a happier self.
So no, there was no after hour meetings, however there was  someone that was making me happy, that I had been spending a lot of time with. I said all that to say this.. When he claims to be working late, I can bet your bottom dollar that it isn't the mounting pile of paper work sitting on top of his desk that has gotten his attention, but rather then that new, young, attractive temp that's just been brought on to help organize the office.
      Okay, now that we have explored the "The Man Who Seems To Be Working Late" let's begin to focus on the man who lies simply because he can.. We all know the type. You know the one who'll lie about being over "Derrick's house" in order to prevent explaining, why he opt out of showing up to work to kick it with "the boys" This ladies, is the man who just would rather avoid confrontation with you then give you any bit of truth or honesty, and would actually consider this to be a "little white lie" But a lie is a lie on any given day, no matter how white or black it is.

But what about the man who lies because he simply ain't shit? The man who lies because he's too much of a coward to keep it real with you or anyone else who may be seeking the truth from him? These are the men that have outside relationship's with other women, the men who have outside children and try to keep it on the down low. These type of men will lie until they turn blue in the face. Wouldn't know what being real or what the truth was if their lives depended on it. There's much to be said for a man like this, be Leary, and beware of this man ladies, he ultimately, means you no good and nine times out of ten, he has phuckery up his sleeves and isn't to be trusted!! This type of man is has only two things on his mind.. sex and games.. So putcha game face on and stay laced ta the knee's always stay 30 steps ahead on the game, And game can't be ran on you.. Just a little bit of Wellsink Food Fa Thought!

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