Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mug Shot Of Jeremy Meeks, And The Dehydrated Women That Have Fell Head Over Heels For This Felon!!


Why is this mug shot of Jeremy Meeks , Of Stockton California, making the Head~Lines? Have women become so hard up for a man's attention? Any man's attention for that matter, that they will except anything that a man does, whether it be robbing, stealing, dealing, killing, cheating and lying?  You know all the shit. I'm curious to know, why is it so hard for a woman to be happy with self? And is that always the issue or could it be a deeper reasoning for these type of actions that are being displayed by these women?
As a whole, women are beginning to feel that there is a shortage of men going around, whether we are losing our men to the jail systems, being UN-available, or just plain ole not having an interest in women at all! We are in fact losing our men.

But For me, No matter how limited we are... We must begin to think outside the box of things. It isn't uncommon for a woman to reach out to a man sitting behind bars ( I'd like to call this woman dehydrated,  because thirsty has left the building when you begin to stoop to these measures)
I have always wondered, what would make a woman with three children at home, that already has three different father's of her children already incarcerated, reach out to a man in jail, "Maybe she's looking for baby daddy number four" Ijs, not that I have anything against a man doing time, truth be told, when it comes to dealing with a man behind bars, I'm no saint, however I did not seek him out while incarcerated, we actually met after a five year bid he had previously done. I said that to say this.
We as women must begin to make wiser decisions, we cannot base long lasting, life decisions, based on a persons outer appearance.
And this is exactly what alot of people are doing with the "Mug Shot" of Jeremy Meeks. Is he attractive? Of course he is. Under any other circumstances, if I were purely judging him on his looks alone.. He would be a man that I would take interest in? And this is just me keeping it all the way real. But what I absolutely would not do, is seek this man out, become pen pals, and then try and set something up after he was finished doing his bid.
Here is a few reasons why a woman should be looking deep before she leaped off into some shit like this. As mentioned previously, when a woman makes the conscious decision to bring a child into this world, then that means that as a woman and mother you should be setting all type of examples for that child/children that you've laid up and had! Point blank, it's just that simple.
The question I think women forget to ask themselves, is do they really know who the man is that they are bringing home? Has he been honest regarding his past history, and was he having homosexual relations while he was incarcerated that could ultimately leave you with an disease that you can't get rid of? I mean, some of you ladies may not want to look at things in this light, but at some point.. you must!! Especially if you call yourself bringing this man home to where not only you lay your head, but where your children lay theirs as well.
How much of his past do you know about?

In photo's illustrated, it would appear that Meeks, has had some type of modeling under his belt, however, he does not, and what the photo's has not illustrated is Jeremy's checkered past, nor does the pictures illustrate that he is in fact a felon.
So, in closing, Ladies, stop looking at these men behind bars as if they were the answer to the shortage that we are now up against, Think. And quit being a "THOT!" Pour you a cup of ice Lemon~Aid or whatever your beverage of choice may be, Because your lookin' real Dehydrated right now!
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