Sunday, June 22, 2014

New York Nicks, Carmelo Anthony, Deadline To Opt~Out Of His $23.5 Million Dollar Contract, Quickly Approaches, On Monday!

New York, Nicks, "Forward All Star" Carmelo Anthony, as promised,  Will file notice on Monday, with plans to execute the early termination option that was implemented in his contract. Anthony is looking to become a "Free Agent" beginning July 1st, states one league source.
Carmelo's deadline to opt-out of his $23.5 million deal for the 2014-2015 Season, comes as early as Monday.
Anthony is anxious to become a free agent and is actually looking to become more familiar with the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets League, sources have stated.
Carmelo, would get the most from New York, being that they would be able to offer him a five year, $125-million -plus-contract, that could ultimately set him just right at the age of 30.
Chicago as well as Houston, has some business at hand to work on prior to clearing a salary cap space in order to sign Anthony on for a deal of four years, in the $90 million dollar range. Whew wee, that's alot of dough to play wit right?
We here at Wellsink, hopes that plays out just how you'd like it to Carmelo!

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