Tuesday, June 3, 2014


  Chris Brown, was famous for his "Loyal" song, and he actually had thousands of music lover's nodding their heads to that tune. But the reality is, loyalty is a dying action in our generation and my question is why? I think now days both men and women are beginning to ask themselves "why are they being loyal," when everyone one else seems to care so little about being loyal anymore. It becomes difficult to remain loyal to people when people are merely trying to get over on someone who maintains old fashion values.
Do we even know the true definition of that word? Or have we as a society just given up on being real? For me, a person's word is bond and action will always out weigh talk, wouldn't you think? No. not in these day and times, it seems as if people would rather you sell then a dream verses living in reality.  I guess for me, it's too easy to be real and if I have to be someone I am not to keep you in my circle or for you to do something for me that under any other circumstances you wouldn't do.. Then I'd rather not have you in my life at all.. Ijs, we need to get our minds right and begin to focus on the things that are really important which is our morals and values, begin to ask yourself, what needs to be done in order to get some real shid poppin off in this crazy ass society we now live in. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones and try being real with self.

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