Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kevin Roper, Fights For His Freedom, While Tracy Morgan Fights For His Life, In Critical Condition!

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Kevin Roper, the man accused of causing the devastating accident that left one man dead and Comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured appeared before a judge today!!

Kevin Roper appeared before a Judge in a New Brunswick court building this afternoon, maintaining his innocence. Roper is being charged with "Death by Automobile" as well as " Assault by automobile"
Kevin's bail has been set at $50,000, Roper had been driving a truck for Wal-mart on Saturday at the time of the accident. Kevin feels that he has only been charged due to Tracy Morgan being a celebrity and that this was nothing more then a accident.
Here is where Wellsink, will shed some knowledge into this very sad situation. Some people are claiming that Kevin Roper, may have possibly been high or drunk when his truck slammed into the back of the vehicle Tracy and friend had been riding in. However, If I had to speculate, nine times out of ten that was not the case at all, being that I know several truck drivers and the protocols that they must adhere to.
A truck driver: One is afraid of DOT{ Department of Transportation} and at the drop of any dime, can be pulled over without rhyme, reason or warning, and it is only Wellsink pure opinion that Roper had not been under the influence, tired? maybe.. but definitely not under the influence.
Is it fair to say that this was in fact an unfortunate accident? Absolutely. My question to the public then would be: Do you think that Roper is being judged unfairly because of the status of Tracy? Wellsink would like to think that we live in a fair country and all facts will be taken in to consideration when the jury deliberates his case.
Wishing the best for all parties involved and Wellsink will keep you posted on Morgans condition as well as the findings on Kevin Roper.
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