Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kevin Bruner, Out Of Sacramento Has Been Issued An All Out APB!! And Is Now A Wanted Man, "Most Wanted" Has Now Issued An Award For His Arrest!!

Have You Seen Kevin Bruner? That's What "Most Wanted" Has Been Asking The Citizens Of Sacramento, California!! 


Have you seen Kevin Bruner, That's what "Most Wanted" has been asking the good people of Sacramento, California. Kevin is wanted on a Domestic Violence charge as well as "Driving Under The Influence"  Some may feel that the charges just may not warrant him being sought after by "Most Wanted" for those of you thinking just that, I can assure you that you have never been to Sacramento or at least committed any crimes there.
Sacramento is a city that does not take Domestic Violence lightly. On Friday, District Attorney, Jan Scully, announced a campaign, to found a resource center for DV victims. Resources state this is a vision she has had for year's.
Law Enforcement in Sacramento, California respond to a whooping 18,000 calls related to Domestic Violence, Just this past Tuesday, a 19-year-old woman became the fourth person to die from a gunshot wound.  The young woman died Monday evening on "Gloria Drive"
And it's not just DV cases that have authorities piping mad in the city of Sacramento. A total of ten shootings happened last weekend leaving 14 people injured.
Sunday night on the 2500 Block of Edison a man was found struck by gunfire around 10:00pm he was pronounced dead at the scene and then again on Sunday a man in his 40's was loading his vehicle with items that he had just purchased at the " South Sacramento Home Depot" parking lot where he had been shot and killed around 7:40pm.
As if that wasn't enough, on Friday, a man that had been in attendance at a family gathering, was shot and killed by a UN-named person who opened fire through a garage that had been partially open.
No one has been identified in either shootings.
But it is no wonder why Sacramento Officials "ain't playin no games" with the resident's of Sacramento, California.
With so many people young and middle aged dying, Sacramento has become a place to drive through.
It becomes quite sad. For anyone knowing anything about the State Capitol, we know how the "City of Tree's" use to be. Sacramento, was once a place one could move to, to raise a family, it was quiet and peaceful. Back in "92" people were not dying daily by the hour. Sacramento is now a place that is not safe for a woman raising teenage boy's or girls, for that matter to live in.
And as for Kevin Bruner, and the trouble that he is facing with "Most Wanted" as well as his Parole Officer, let's just hope this hyphy young man keeps a lid on things, before the law puts a lock on them!
To those that lost a loved one in Sacramento this past weekend and week, Wellsink sends our condolences to all the families involved and may the Most High continue to hold you in your time of pain.

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