Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fraudulent Ass Nicca, Give Me 50' Feet!!

This is the world that we live in. Women selling their bodies in the streets, leaving their children alone, hungry no food to eat, Men using women the way women use to use men, no love left anymore, no need to pretend. Kid's killing people quicker then you can blink. So much corruption no room to think, acting fast on impulse, not caring about the next. This world has come to Money, Drugs, oil and Sex, nothing more nothing less, Playing life like a game of chess. Trying to see what you can get from the next mutha phucka I guess.
The lies, the games, the character of people that they display, Nobody gives a phuck, It's about "self" anyways!
Men quick to holla that women ain't shit, but be the main mutha phucka's in the closet suckin dick! Broads eatin pussy like it's the thang to do, wishin they had nuts that hang, just like a man's do, tryin to run game, circles all round you.
I'm fed up! Man like through. When your forced witcha back against the wall what the phuck would you do?
I use to want to be tied down, But I got hip to the games, so now I just clown and call a bitch made kat out by his name. Cornball muthaphuckas, man I tell you, it's a damn shame!!
I use to be sweet as pie, now I'm as sour as candy, comin through like them storms, Katrina and Sandy!
Blowin ya mind, with the shid that I speak, The game you tryin to play, is so like last week, Fraudulent ass people.. Give me 50' feet!!

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