Friday, June 13, 2014

Casey Cohen, Alleged Mistress Of Jay Z, States Bauer Claims Of An Affair Is A All Out Lie, And Demands A Apology From Bauer Media Group.. And Quick Like!!

Casey Cohen, Alleged Mistress Of Jay Z, Claims That Bauer Is A Bold Face Lie, And Is Now Demanding That Bauer Media Group Apologies And Quick Like!!

    "Princess: Long Island" Reality Star, Casey Cohen, is piping mad over rumors that have been flying all over the place about a "so called affair that her and Jay Z, were rumored to have. This all stemming from several magazines such as "Touch" which is owned by Bauer Media Group.
Cohen, has since hired a Lawyer to implement a cease and desist letter stating that "Jay Z and herself have never been involved romantically"
Casey has admitted to meeting both Jay and Beyonce, on several occasions, while working as a V.I.P Hostess in New York.
Cohen is now demanding a public apology to Jay, Bey, as well as herself, and she wants it to happen like yesterday!!!
I'm not touchin' this one with a ten foot pole because several questions has ran across Wellsink since finding out about this incident. All Wellsink will say is Bauer Media Group, got some explaining to do and some apologies to make! And Fast!

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