Friday, June 6, 2014

A Letter To My Mother, Rest Easy Baby!!

   I remember like it was yesterday, your laughter, the jazz, your snazzy way's, I looked at you in admiration, do you remember those day's? The beauty, your class, your vibrant way's. Your intelligence, your style, you pulled my heart-strings, the realest woman I know above all things!
Almost 12 years, that you've been gone, realization has finally sunk in ma.. Ain't no goin home, left in this cold world, without you I'm alone.. Can't even call ma girl, and chop it down over the phone. I can recall a time I tried running away from you, now all I wish, is that I would have ran closer to you.
I'm a coward, I've died a thousand way's, a slow death, for every one day, time has gone by without hearing your voice or seeing your face.
You gave me life, and I love you for that, all the dis-obedience, now, surely I wish that I could take back!
I love you so much Miss E.M. Wells, wish I could take back all those years I was locked away in a cell.. the time that was stolen away from all four of us, I wish I could reach you by car, train or bus..
No, the time for that has died, now gone, I can only express my feeling's to you, through a poem, in a song, Til the day I die, I'll forever hold on.
I remember wanting"to take care of you" sad, I never was given the chance for you to see me follow that through, with my hopes, my ambitions, ma I've gotten far, I promise I won't stop until I got my own "star!!"
You died too soon, too early.. but who cares right? I do ma.. I still cry myself to sleep at night.. you were all I had my day and my night, you were my hands, when I damn sho' couldn't fight! I still can't believe that your no longer here.. Lee posted a pic of you guy's, I must have dropped ah thousand tears.. I guess that's what prompted this blog right here..
I gotta go ma, too much pain.. eye's full of tear's.. But I promise you this, you'll always have my whole heart.. Every day, every night.. Year after Year..
R.I.P Ma

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