Sunday, June 22, 2014

New York Nicks, Carmelo Anthony, Deadline To Opt~Out Of His $23.5 Million Dollar Contract, Quickly Approaches, On Monday!

New York, Nicks, "Forward All Star" Carmelo Anthony, as promised,  Will file notice on Monday, with plans to execute the early termination option that was implemented in his contract. Anthony is looking to become a "Free Agent" beginning July 1st, states one league source.
Carmelo's deadline to opt-out of his $23.5 million deal for the 2014-2015 Season, comes as early as Monday.
Anthony is anxious to become a free agent and is actually looking to become more familiar with the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets League, sources have stated.
Carmelo, would get the most from New York, being that they would be able to offer him a five year, $125-million -plus-contract, that could ultimately set him just right at the age of 30.
Chicago as well as Houston, has some business at hand to work on prior to clearing a salary cap space in order to sign Anthony on for a deal of four years, in the $90 million dollar range. Whew wee, that's alot of dough to play wit right?
We here at Wellsink, hopes that plays out just how you'd like it to Carmelo!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mug Shot Of Jeremy Meeks, And The Dehydrated Women That Have Fell Head Over Heels For This Felon!!


Why is this mug shot of Jeremy Meeks , Of Stockton California, making the Head~Lines? Have women become so hard up for a man's attention? Any man's attention for that matter, that they will except anything that a man does, whether it be robbing, stealing, dealing, killing, cheating and lying?  You know all the shit. I'm curious to know, why is it so hard for a woman to be happy with self? And is that always the issue or could it be a deeper reasoning for these type of actions that are being displayed by these women?
As a whole, women are beginning to feel that there is a shortage of men going around, whether we are losing our men to the jail systems, being UN-available, or just plain ole not having an interest in women at all! We are in fact losing our men.

But For me, No matter how limited we are... We must begin to think outside the box of things. It isn't uncommon for a woman to reach out to a man sitting behind bars ( I'd like to call this woman dehydrated,  because thirsty has left the building when you begin to stoop to these measures)
I have always wondered, what would make a woman with three children at home, that already has three different father's of her children already incarcerated, reach out to a man in jail, "Maybe she's looking for baby daddy number four" Ijs, not that I have anything against a man doing time, truth be told, when it comes to dealing with a man behind bars, I'm no saint, however I did not seek him out while incarcerated, we actually met after a five year bid he had previously done. I said that to say this.
We as women must begin to make wiser decisions, we cannot base long lasting, life decisions, based on a persons outer appearance.
And this is exactly what alot of people are doing with the "Mug Shot" of Jeremy Meeks. Is he attractive? Of course he is. Under any other circumstances, if I were purely judging him on his looks alone.. He would be a man that I would take interest in? And this is just me keeping it all the way real. But what I absolutely would not do, is seek this man out, become pen pals, and then try and set something up after he was finished doing his bid.
Here is a few reasons why a woman should be looking deep before she leaped off into some shit like this. As mentioned previously, when a woman makes the conscious decision to bring a child into this world, then that means that as a woman and mother you should be setting all type of examples for that child/children that you've laid up and had! Point blank, it's just that simple.
The question I think women forget to ask themselves, is do they really know who the man is that they are bringing home? Has he been honest regarding his past history, and was he having homosexual relations while he was incarcerated that could ultimately leave you with an disease that you can't get rid of? I mean, some of you ladies may not want to look at things in this light, but at some point.. you must!! Especially if you call yourself bringing this man home to where not only you lay your head, but where your children lay theirs as well.
How much of his past do you know about?

In photo's illustrated, it would appear that Meeks, has had some type of modeling under his belt, however, he does not, and what the photo's has not illustrated is Jeremy's checkered past, nor does the pictures illustrate that he is in fact a felon.
So, in closing, Ladies, stop looking at these men behind bars as if they were the answer to the shortage that we are now up against, Think. And quit being a "THOT!" Pour you a cup of ice Lemon~Aid or whatever your beverage of choice may be, Because your lookin' real Dehydrated right now!
Food Fa Thought:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scott Disick In The Dog House, Yet Again With Kourtney!!

        Looks like Scott Disick, is in the dog house, yet again with Kourtney Kardashian. Sources state that Kourt was pissed on Father's day, all due to Scott wanting to party instead of sitting at home with his family. Allegedly the argument started early on this past weekend, resulting in Kourtney K, throwing him and his wild partying ways, out of the rental home they share together in the Hampton's.
Anyone familiar with the iconic couple, knows that this is not unusual for the two. One minute their all in love and the next they hate each other.. Same ole song and dance with these guy's, make up to break up! Wellsink is certain that if inquiring minds want to know more about the incident that occured on Sunday, that they'll be able to watch the couples huge argument on the show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians.."
BTW: Scott is that Kourtney's purse or yours, your carrying? Just asking.

A Swedish Metal Band Concert Turned Into A Scene Right From The Movie "Carrie" Sunday Night In Brooklyn!

A Swedish Metal Band Concert turned into a scene from the movie "Carrie. The band sprayed pig's blood onto concert goers, in a Satanic ritual.. Say what? Come again. Yes, you read that right. Some of the concert goers begin to vomit and even shed tears during the event.
"Watain", the Music Band are known for their faithful devil worshiping followers.
This was the Band's first performance this summer in Brooklyn, on Sunday. And trust me it was a disgusting one at that!! The lead singer produced a goat skull full of animal blood and proceeded to spray the audience with the contents of the Skull. And yes people the Band really used pigs blood.. Eww!!

The irony in all this, is that this gruesome event was a direct mockery of the Most High, that was performed on his day.
And oddly enough no one complained, despite all of the vomiting and crying that had been present on Sunday night, in the city of Brooklyn..
This world is going to hell in a hand basket, is the only thing that Wellsink has to say regarding that shocking performance.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kevin Bruner, Out Of Sacramento Has Been Issued An All Out APB!! And Is Now A Wanted Man, "Most Wanted" Has Now Issued An Award For His Arrest!!

Have You Seen Kevin Bruner? That's What "Most Wanted" Has Been Asking The Citizens Of Sacramento, California!! 


Have you seen Kevin Bruner, That's what "Most Wanted" has been asking the good people of Sacramento, California. Kevin is wanted on a Domestic Violence charge as well as "Driving Under The Influence"  Some may feel that the charges just may not warrant him being sought after by "Most Wanted" for those of you thinking just that, I can assure you that you have never been to Sacramento or at least committed any crimes there.
Sacramento is a city that does not take Domestic Violence lightly. On Friday, District Attorney, Jan Scully, announced a campaign, to found a resource center for DV victims. Resources state this is a vision she has had for year's.
Law Enforcement in Sacramento, California respond to a whooping 18,000 calls related to Domestic Violence, Just this past Tuesday, a 19-year-old woman became the fourth person to die from a gunshot wound.  The young woman died Monday evening on "Gloria Drive"
And it's not just DV cases that have authorities piping mad in the city of Sacramento. A total of ten shootings happened last weekend leaving 14 people injured.
Sunday night on the 2500 Block of Edison a man was found struck by gunfire around 10:00pm he was pronounced dead at the scene and then again on Sunday a man in his 40's was loading his vehicle with items that he had just purchased at the " South Sacramento Home Depot" parking lot where he had been shot and killed around 7:40pm.
As if that wasn't enough, on Friday, a man that had been in attendance at a family gathering, was shot and killed by a UN-named person who opened fire through a garage that had been partially open.
No one has been identified in either shootings.
But it is no wonder why Sacramento Officials "ain't playin no games" with the resident's of Sacramento, California.
With so many people young and middle aged dying, Sacramento has become a place to drive through.
It becomes quite sad. For anyone knowing anything about the State Capitol, we know how the "City of Tree's" use to be. Sacramento, was once a place one could move to, to raise a family, it was quiet and peaceful. Back in "92" people were not dying daily by the hour. Sacramento is now a place that is not safe for a woman raising teenage boy's or girls, for that matter to live in.
And as for Kevin Bruner, and the trouble that he is facing with "Most Wanted" as well as his Parole Officer, let's just hope this hyphy young man keeps a lid on things, before the law puts a lock on them!
To those that lost a loved one in Sacramento this past weekend and week, Wellsink sends our condolences to all the families involved and may the Most High continue to hold you in your time of pain.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Casey Cohen, Alleged Mistress Of Jay Z, States Bauer Claims Of An Affair Is A All Out Lie, And Demands A Apology From Bauer Media Group.. And Quick Like!!

Casey Cohen, Alleged Mistress Of Jay Z, Claims That Bauer Is A Bold Face Lie, And Is Now Demanding That Bauer Media Group Apologies And Quick Like!!

    "Princess: Long Island" Reality Star, Casey Cohen, is piping mad over rumors that have been flying all over the place about a "so called affair that her and Jay Z, were rumored to have. This all stemming from several magazines such as "Touch" which is owned by Bauer Media Group.
Cohen, has since hired a Lawyer to implement a cease and desist letter stating that "Jay Z and herself have never been involved romantically"
Casey has admitted to meeting both Jay and Beyonce, on several occasions, while working as a V.I.P Hostess in New York.
Cohen is now demanding a public apology to Jay, Bey, as well as herself, and she wants it to happen like yesterday!!!
I'm not touchin' this one with a ten foot pole because several questions has ran across Wellsink since finding out about this incident. All Wellsink will say is Bauer Media Group, got some explaining to do and some apologies to make! And Fast!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Actress And Civil Right's Activist, Ruby Dee, Dies At The Age Of 91.

Ruby Dee, Actress as well as Civil Rights Activist has been called to met her maker. Ruby was 91-years-of-age at the time of death!!

 Ruby, recently played as Denzel Washington's mother, in the movie "American Gangsta"

report's have stated that she was with her family when she passed on in Rochelle, New York, on Wednesday. Dee, was a strong advocate for African-American women. It has not been made clear to Wellsink, the cause of Ruby's death. One thing for certain, Ruby Dee will be truly missed. R.I.P Mrs

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kevin Roper, Fights For His Freedom, While Tracy Morgan Fights For His Life, In Critical Condition!

                                       ~JUST IN~

Kevin Roper, the man accused of causing the devastating accident that left one man dead and Comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured appeared before a judge today!!

Kevin Roper appeared before a Judge in a New Brunswick court building this afternoon, maintaining his innocence. Roper is being charged with "Death by Automobile" as well as " Assault by automobile"
Kevin's bail has been set at $50,000, Roper had been driving a truck for Wal-mart on Saturday at the time of the accident. Kevin feels that he has only been charged due to Tracy Morgan being a celebrity and that this was nothing more then a accident.
Here is where Wellsink, will shed some knowledge into this very sad situation. Some people are claiming that Kevin Roper, may have possibly been high or drunk when his truck slammed into the back of the vehicle Tracy and friend had been riding in. However, If I had to speculate, nine times out of ten that was not the case at all, being that I know several truck drivers and the protocols that they must adhere to.
A truck driver: One is afraid of DOT{ Department of Transportation} and at the drop of any dime, can be pulled over without rhyme, reason or warning, and it is only Wellsink pure opinion that Roper had not been under the influence, tired? maybe.. but definitely not under the influence.
Is it fair to say that this was in fact an unfortunate accident? Absolutely. My question to the public then would be: Do you think that Roper is being judged unfairly because of the status of Tracy? Wellsink would like to think that we live in a fair country and all facts will be taken in to consideration when the jury deliberates his case.
Wishing the best for all parties involved and Wellsink will keep you posted on Morgans condition as well as the findings on Kevin Roper.

Comedian, Tracy Morgan, Still Lies In Critical Condition, Meanwhile Estranged Mother Denied Entrance Into Hospital Room!!

 Comedian, Tracy Morgan. still lies in critical condition after a "Tired Trucker" rear ended the Limousine bus owned by Morgan. The incident happened Saturday, on the New Jersey Turnpike. Unfortunately, Morgan's good friend " Jimmy McNair" was also with him at the time of the incident, he was 62-year's of age at the time of his death.
Morgan, 45, suffered severe injuries, and remains hospitalized.
After learning from media sources that Morgan had been in such a horrific accident, his estranged mother of 11 years, Alicia Warden ran to the hospital, stating that all she wanted to do was pray for her critically injured son, however when she initially went to visit Tracy, her visit had been rejected by Morgan's fiance' Megan Wollover as well as security.
Warden has stated that she believes Wollover, may have something against her.. (Hmmm.. ya think?)
Never-the-less, Warden returned to the hospital the following day and was let in, however Tracy was unconscious and was only allowed to stay five minutes.
For Wellsink, this whole incident is very sad, the death of Morgan's long time friend, the condition he is now in as well as the whole situation between him and his mother. Wellsink, has no clue why it is that Morgan and Warden's mother/son relationship was strained in the first place, however what Wellsink, will say that it's a sad day when a mother is turned away from seeing her child after such a devastating incident. Sometimes it's best not to say much and just wish that for all parties involved that things get better for this family. And just in case inquiring minds wants to know.. The rumors surrounding Morgan getting his leg amputated are completely false.
We here at Wellsink, wish Tracy Morgan a speedy recovery!!

( Kevin Roper)Truck Driver Accused Of Causing The Accident

Fraudulent Ass Nicca, Give Me 50' Feet!!

This is the world that we live in. Women selling their bodies in the streets, leaving their children alone, hungry no food to eat, Men using women the way women use to use men, no love left anymore, no need to pretend. Kid's killing people quicker then you can blink. So much corruption no room to think, acting fast on impulse, not caring about the next. This world has come to Money, Drugs, oil and Sex, nothing more nothing less, Playing life like a game of chess. Trying to see what you can get from the next mutha phucka I guess.
The lies, the games, the character of people that they display, Nobody gives a phuck, It's about "self" anyways!
Men quick to holla that women ain't shit, but be the main mutha phucka's in the closet suckin dick! Broads eatin pussy like it's the thang to do, wishin they had nuts that hang, just like a man's do, tryin to run game, circles all round you.
I'm fed up! Man like through. When your forced witcha back against the wall what the phuck would you do?
I use to want to be tied down, But I got hip to the games, so now I just clown and call a bitch made kat out by his name. Cornball muthaphuckas, man I tell you, it's a damn shame!!
I use to be sweet as pie, now I'm as sour as candy, comin through like them storms, Katrina and Sandy!
Blowin ya mind, with the shid that I speak, The game you tryin to play, is so like last week, Fraudulent ass people.. Give me 50' feet!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

"Big Brother Has His "Eye" On You!!"

Chris Hoofnagle

You would think that in these times, if you stay to yourself and mind your own business and of course not break any laws, you will be left alone right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that if you by happen to be driving a new vehicle, you in fact are being tracked by a device that you may not even be aware is present in your vehicle? This device is called "EDR" Event Data Recorder. This device records what happens in a car after the airbag has been deployed. Now this may or may not be a good thing. What we do know is this device can be used against you in a court of law if warranted.
Who would have thought that a simple device such as a Colored Lazar Printer is in fact embedded with codes to track you. This system was organized and implemented by the "Secret Service" series of yellow dots run across the paper that you are printing and is not visible to the naked eye. The dots communicate a serial number to the printer to find out what you have printed and where the printer is located. We know for a fact that Dell as well as Xerox both participate in this activity. Something to think about.
And don't just stop with the printers, here are a few other devices that are being used to track the American people, Nikon Cameras, as well as CD Burners, yes, you read that right. Cd burners have a serial number that is left on the CD and can be traced back to your computer. Wow, our privacy is being invaded on a daily basis, from the restaurants you dine at from the purchases that you make. Everything you do in public is being recorded somewhere!
Chris Hoofnagle, Attorney and Consumer Advocate states " These companies gather where you have lived, your spouses, any crimes you may or may not have committed, essentially everything about you that could be used against you in a harmful manner"
I bet you didn't know that if you don't delete your email's, then Google won't either. It's typical for Google to hold your emails up to thirty days, no problem right? But yes, there is a problem when Google takes it upon themselves to hold on to your emails and Google searches.. Forever! Even after you have deleted them. What part of the game is that? and why are they doing such things?
In Ohio there is a company that has implanted chips inside their employee's arms to keep track of who is going in and out of their building, could this all be leading up to something way more complicated then we could ever imagine?
Well it has been reported that maybe in the near future, Google will sell your personal and private information to the highest bidder. Now that's some scary shit!
Let's touch on how AT&T and Verizon will truly neglect to advise consumers that they work closely with the "NSA" and every conversation and text message is absolutely being recorded.
What is certain is the American people are being watched more then ever before and it's the Government that is using the information that is being gathered on you.
Yes, people everything is changing at a rapid pace and if things continue to progress this way, within the next ten years or so, our privacy as we once knew it, will have changed for generations and generations to come. We have a voice, let the people be heard and maybe just maybe, we as the American people will be able to make a change for the better before it gets any worse.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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