Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Jr, Duke It Out.. The Street Way!!

 The tension between Floyd Mayweather and T.I. apparently began weeks ago when the rapper’s wife, Tameka, posted this Instagram pic while in Las Vegas for the big fight on May 4.
Yes, it went down Sunday morning on the Vegas Strip at "Fat burger" as Mayweather and T.I. got into a heated verbal and physical altercation over Tiny.
This all stems from Tiny and best friend Shekinah coming to the May 5th fight, after Tiny had posted a few pics of her and bff hanging out with the champ. Reportedly, fist, chairs, and words were being tossed around at Fat Burger.
Floyd has stated that the Sunday morning fight, was not the first time he had been approached by T.I. regarding his wife, claiming that once in New York at a jewelry store, T.I. had approached him asking him to step outside so he could speak to him stating " These girls are trying to play us against each other" Mayweather at the time, was not sure if he was referring to Tiny.
At that time, Floyd had advised T.I. that there was nothing at all going on between the two.
Mayweather has in fact stated that he and Tiny have been friends before T.I. was even in the picture.
One thing Wellsink, will commend Floyd on, is apologizing to Tiny for telling T.I. to "Control his bitch" during that altercation. Stating that Tiny has always been respectful to him.
T.I. supposedly confronted Mayweather in New York weeks ago. The Las Vegas brawl was due to the tension that already existed between the men.
Although T.I. did not go in to details regarding what exactly sparked the fight, he did however take to Instagram with a video to quiet the circulating rumors that Mayweather left him with two black eyes, that story was made up just like the one of T.I. being in custody for shooting up Floyd's tour bus, No one is in jail, no one was killed and his tour bus has not been shot up. People love to turn moles into mountains.
Never the less, a close source connected to the rapper has stated T.I. never intended to get into a altercation with Floyd, but was pissed at the the thought of the Champ trying to get close to his wife.
Here is where Wellsink puts our two cents into this mix... T.I. I'm sure the thought of Tiny getting a little too close for comfort with Floyd may be eating away at you deep inside, but here is something to think about as well, That ball bounces on both courts, you can't be mad at Floyd for doing what men do, at some point you have to realize that the issue your having also falls on the shoulders of Tiny as well and maybe the issue isn't coming from Floyd, but within your own relationship with your wife.
Despite her husband’s issues with Mayweather, Tameka, looked to be enjoying Sin City with her friend.
Maybe at this point, it's time that you and Tiny sit down with one another and try to figure out what it is you both can do to make things right with each other. You've been together way too long to let any outside forces come between you. Whatever is going on at home front, work it out, Your children need you to stay focused on whats important and ultimately, that's your family. We here at Wellsink want you guys to work this shit out the best way you can. You've maintained your marriage this long, keep pushin forward at full throttle! We love you guy's.

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