Friday, May 16, 2014

The Carter's Are Now Hoping That Everyone Can Get Past What Should Have Been A Private Moment, Now That Everyone Involved In The Altercation Has Apologized And United Once Again.

Jay Z, Beyonce as well as Solange, are now hoping that everyone will put what was supposed to a private matter to rest. Releasing statements earlier today to TMZ, stating "they are a family, and have family problems just as anyone else does in a  close net family"
Reports have stated that all parties involved in the altercation have apologized, and would like to see everyone move past this incident.
Reports have also stated that Solange was neither intoxicated or high on any drugs ( even though she was seen throughout the evening with more then one glass of champagne) but okay, we'll accept that.
As Wellsink reported in an earlier blog, the Carters are extremely private in their affairs and we may never know what sent Solange in a wild fit of rage, but hey, the good thing is, everyone is united once again, at least that's what the media would like us to believe. For Beyonce sake, we hope so, because after all.. Who wants to be the third wheel on a Sister and Husband feud. Wishing the Carter's all the best.
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