Monday, May 12, 2014

In What Must Have Been The Elevator Ride From Hell:Jay Z Was Attacked By What Appeared To Be An Outraged Solange!!

    What could have brought on the brutal attack against Jay Z by Beyonce's sister Solange? The answer to that question has yet to be revealed, However,  Wellsink has come to a final conclusion about the physical attack. Jay, maintained his composure the whole way through, Never once striking Solange back. We all know that the Carters has made it quite clear that their business is in fact just that. Their business, but yet that still doesn't eliminate the curiosity itch that most of us has about the elevator ride from hell, that sent Solange into a fit of rage. Here is where things get blurred for us here at Wellsink, all while Solange was bustin' Jay upside his head and trying to kick his stomach through his back, Bey clearly stayed out of that line of fire, only jumping between the two when Solange tried kicking him in the stomach, It's apparent from the Video that TMZ captured from inside of the elevator that J at one point, exchanged words with Beyonce right before Solange tried striking him again,With

without the sound to this video, what  happened after the "Met Gala" after party, at the Standard Hotel in NYC, is still a fuzzy picture. What is clear to see, is that Solange, was clearly upset with Jay for whatever reasons that have not been made clear to the public and probably never will be leaked for the nosy Americans to see. Whatever it was, it was bad enough, that Bey and Solange drove away in a separate car from her hubby and Brother-in-law. This would be where Wellsink would say, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but the way the Carter's have their privacy set up.. We won't find out a damn thing!!
Kudos to you Jay for keeping your cool!
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