Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Determine If You've Developed Feelings For A Man That's Unavailable

Have you ever been in love with a man that you just could not get to settle down? Are you that woman sitting at home alone on holidays waiting for your love interest to slide through? Maybe you feel as if your giving 100% in the relationship that you are in and he's only putting in 10% How is that fair is the question you find yourself asking time and time again. If your in agreement with everything I've just mentioned, then it's extremely likely that you just may be involved with an emotionally unavailable man. Today, we'll explore some of the signs and symptoms of dating a man who is unavailable.
Here are five signs to look out for, to let you know that the man that you are in love with IE.. dating, may be unavailable.

                                                                  Hard To Reach 

1. You've had a long day at work and the whole eight hours you were on the clock, he was invading your mind, you grab your cell phone, sneak off into the restroom to make a phone call, when clearly you should be hard at work, only to get his voicemail, for the third time in two day's. Normally you two are on the phone for hours at a time, and when time prevented you from conversing via telephone, you two were texting, but lately, he hasn't been responding to your text or calls. The reasoning for this ladies is quite simple, the man that you have been on the phone with and texting is unavailable, and the times he did find time to text or talk, were the times that his Gf/Bf wasn't present and he had time to play. If he suddenly changes his patterns with the phone calls and text, you can bet your bottom dollar, that the woman/man he's been involved with for years has come back from wherever they disappeared to in the first place. Don't be fooled by the late night conversations.

2. Is he unreliable?
Does he make make promises and never follow through with those promises, is he the type to tell you when your car breaks down he'll get you back and forth to work, but when the time comes for him to follow through on his word, he's no where to be found? The emotionally unavailable person, finds it difficult to be there for anyone but themselves, this kind of person your better off without.

3. He just won't open up to you

Let's just say men really are not the type of creatures to open up and bare all of themselves anyways, but lets just be realistic about things, if you've been dating for more then six months and he still gets a little uncomfortable when asked to "open up" then more likely then not, your dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

4. Does he talk about his past?

If you've been dating a man for sometime and you don't know where he lives, works, or any of his family and friends.. I'm here to tell ya, that's a man who has phuckery up his sleeves!!

5. Is he evasive when asked where you both stand in the relationship?

  Does he become uncomfortable or tense up when asked where you both stand? Does he dismiss the subject or begin to joke around when asked about commitment? Does it become impossible for him to open up when asked where the both of you are headed in the relationship? He can't answer that question because he knows deep down inside that he will never commit to you, because he is unavailable.

These are just a couple of signs to look for and there are many that can be spotted if your paying close enough attention. Don't be the fool or the other woman who sits by idly waiting for a man that may or may not commit to you. Always remember this, If a man is interested in you, no matter how busy, for you he will make time. Keep your eyes open, and whatever you do.. Pay attention to the signs.
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