Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Great Leader Laid To Rest At 86 Years-Of-Age, You Will Be Missed Maya Angelou.

        Yesterday, the world lost one of our beloved poets "Maya Angelou" she was 86 at the time of death, With age comes wisdom and Maya was very wise, she had seen more then most and been through more then this generation or the previous generations will ever see or go through.
It was the great leaders of the African American culture that kept us all with hope and faith. Many of us leaders today have drawn our inspiration from the Dr. Kings and Maya Angelou's. How sad it is that we have lost another one of our great leader's, but like I stated earlier, with age comes wisdom and I'm sure Maya had about enough of the "ugly" that happens here on this earth, Wellsink can only guess this is why she did not want to be recessitated upon passing, however since Angelou did not have a DNR on file at the time of death, when her caretaker phoned in to report the death, the caretaker was leary of following EMT's instruction to perform CPR, being that Maya made it quite clear verbally, that she did not want to be brought back in the event of such a case like yesterday's.
We hope that Angelou is in a better place now and she will certainly be missed. Rest In Peace Maya Angelou, your words of inspiration as well as motivation will most definitely be held close to all of our hearts.
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