Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Determine If You've Developed Feelings For A Man That's Unavailable

Have you ever been in love with a man that you just could not get to settle down? Are you that woman sitting at home alone on holidays waiting for your love interest to slide through? Maybe you feel as if your giving 100% in the relationship that you are in and he's only putting in 10% How is that fair is the question you find yourself asking time and time again. If your in agreement with everything I've just mentioned, then it's extremely likely that you just may be involved with an emotionally unavailable man. Today, we'll explore some of the signs and symptoms of dating a man who is unavailable.
Here are five signs to look out for, to let you know that the man that you are in love with IE.. dating, may be unavailable.

                                                                  Hard To Reach 

1. You've had a long day at work and the whole eight hours you were on the clock, he was invading your mind, you grab your cell phone, sneak off into the restroom to make a phone call, when clearly you should be hard at work, only to get his voicemail, for the third time in two day's. Normally you two are on the phone for hours at a time, and when time prevented you from conversing via telephone, you two were texting, but lately, he hasn't been responding to your text or calls. The reasoning for this ladies is quite simple, the man that you have been on the phone with and texting is unavailable, and the times he did find time to text or talk, were the times that his Gf/Bf wasn't present and he had time to play. If he suddenly changes his patterns with the phone calls and text, you can bet your bottom dollar, that the woman/man he's been involved with for years has come back from wherever they disappeared to in the first place. Don't be fooled by the late night conversations.

2. Is he unreliable?
Does he make make promises and never follow through with those promises, is he the type to tell you when your car breaks down he'll get you back and forth to work, but when the time comes for him to follow through on his word, he's no where to be found? The emotionally unavailable person, finds it difficult to be there for anyone but themselves, this kind of person your better off without.

3. He just won't open up to you

Let's just say men really are not the type of creatures to open up and bare all of themselves anyways, but lets just be realistic about things, if you've been dating for more then six months and he still gets a little uncomfortable when asked to "open up" then more likely then not, your dealing with an emotionally unavailable man.

4. Does he talk about his past?

If you've been dating a man for sometime and you don't know where he lives, works, or any of his family and friends.. I'm here to tell ya, that's a man who has phuckery up his sleeves!!

5. Is he evasive when asked where you both stand in the relationship?

  Does he become uncomfortable or tense up when asked where you both stand? Does he dismiss the subject or begin to joke around when asked about commitment? Does it become impossible for him to open up when asked where the both of you are headed in the relationship? He can't answer that question because he knows deep down inside that he will never commit to you, because he is unavailable.

These are just a couple of signs to look for and there are many that can be spotted if your paying close enough attention. Don't be the fool or the other woman who sits by idly waiting for a man that may or may not commit to you. Always remember this, If a man is interested in you, no matter how busy, for you he will make time. Keep your eyes open, and whatever you do.. Pay attention to the signs.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Great Leader Laid To Rest At 86 Years-Of-Age, You Will Be Missed Maya Angelou.

        Yesterday, the world lost one of our beloved poets "Maya Angelou" she was 86 at the time of death, With age comes wisdom and Maya was very wise, she had seen more then most and been through more then this generation or the previous generations will ever see or go through.
It was the great leaders of the African American culture that kept us all with hope and faith. Many of us leaders today have drawn our inspiration from the Dr. Kings and Maya Angelou's. How sad it is that we have lost another one of our great leader's, but like I stated earlier, with age comes wisdom and I'm sure Maya had about enough of the "ugly" that happens here on this earth, Wellsink can only guess this is why she did not want to be recessitated upon passing, however since Angelou did not have a DNR on file at the time of death, when her caretaker phoned in to report the death, the caretaker was leary of following EMT's instruction to perform CPR, being that Maya made it quite clear verbally, that she did not want to be brought back in the event of such a case like yesterday's.
We hope that Angelou is in a better place now and she will certainly be missed. Rest In Peace Maya Angelou, your words of inspiration as well as motivation will most definitely be held close to all of our hearts.

Steve Ballmer Hasn't Purchased The L.A. Lakers For 2 Billion Dollars, That's About As Made Up As The Stories That "Cream" Make Up!!

       For all you Lakers fans out there, good news, Reports have confirmed that the Lakers has not been sold to Former Micro-soft CEO, Steve Ballmer for 2 billion dollars, that in fact is one whooping lie! However what is fact, is Shelly Sterling has sat down in a meeting earlier today, negotiating with Ballmer and several other prospective buyers who have set offers on the table.
Shelly has been reviewing documents but no deals have been made as of yet. What has been reported, is there will be some finalization regarding this situation by the end of Friday's business day..
There was even talk about Jay Z or P Diddy, purchasing the team. However that is pure speculation. I guess we'll all have to wait and see what the outcome will be Friday.
Wellsink will you keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Jr, Duke It Out.. The Street Way!!

 The tension between Floyd Mayweather and T.I. apparently began weeks ago when the rapper’s wife, Tameka, posted this Instagram pic while in Las Vegas for the big fight on May 4.
Yes, it went down Sunday morning on the Vegas Strip at "Fat burger" as Mayweather and T.I. got into a heated verbal and physical altercation over Tiny.
This all stems from Tiny and best friend Shekinah coming to the May 5th fight, after Tiny had posted a few pics of her and bff hanging out with the champ. Reportedly, fist, chairs, and words were being tossed around at Fat Burger.
Floyd has stated that the Sunday morning fight, was not the first time he had been approached by T.I. regarding his wife, claiming that once in New York at a jewelry store, T.I. had approached him asking him to step outside so he could speak to him stating " These girls are trying to play us against each other" Mayweather at the time, was not sure if he was referring to Tiny.
At that time, Floyd had advised T.I. that there was nothing at all going on between the two.
Mayweather has in fact stated that he and Tiny have been friends before T.I. was even in the picture.
One thing Wellsink, will commend Floyd on, is apologizing to Tiny for telling T.I. to "Control his bitch" during that altercation. Stating that Tiny has always been respectful to him.
T.I. supposedly confronted Mayweather in New York weeks ago. The Las Vegas brawl was due to the tension that already existed between the men.
Although T.I. did not go in to details regarding what exactly sparked the fight, he did however take to Instagram with a video to quiet the circulating rumors that Mayweather left him with two black eyes, that story was made up just like the one of T.I. being in custody for shooting up Floyd's tour bus, No one is in jail, no one was killed and his tour bus has not been shot up. People love to turn moles into mountains.
Never the less, a close source connected to the rapper has stated T.I. never intended to get into a altercation with Floyd, but was pissed at the the thought of the Champ trying to get close to his wife.
Here is where Wellsink puts our two cents into this mix... T.I. I'm sure the thought of Tiny getting a little too close for comfort with Floyd may be eating away at you deep inside, but here is something to think about as well, That ball bounces on both courts, you can't be mad at Floyd for doing what men do, at some point you have to realize that the issue your having also falls on the shoulders of Tiny as well and maybe the issue isn't coming from Floyd, but within your own relationship with your wife.
Despite her husband’s issues with Mayweather, Tameka, looked to be enjoying Sin City with her friend.
Maybe at this point, it's time that you and Tiny sit down with one another and try to figure out what it is you both can do to make things right with each other. You've been together way too long to let any outside forces come between you. Whatever is going on at home front, work it out, Your children need you to stay focused on whats important and ultimately, that's your family. We here at Wellsink want you guys to work this shit out the best way you can. You've maintained your marriage this long, keep pushin forward at full throttle! We love you guy's.

Kim Kardashian Finally Ties The Knot With The Love Of Her Life Kanye West

Happy couple: This previously unseen wedding booth photo shows Kim and Kanye wearing matching leather jackets at the opulent ceremony in ItalyLooks as if Kanye has finally made Kim Kardashian a honest woman by taking her hand in marriage on May 24th, 2014 located in Florence, Italy at the Forte Di Belvedere. Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall as well as Kylie were all Bridesmaids, however their dresses were not matching.
John Legend was in attendance, singing to the Newly Wed couple "All of Me"
Inside the party! John Legend tweeted a photo booth snap of him and Chrissy Teigen with the caption 'Love, love, love'. And the singer serenaded Kim and Kanye with his song All Of Me for their first dance
It has been stated that this Elegant, French wedding, just may be the wedding of the year.
Let's just hope and pray that her marriage with Kanye last a lot longer then her marriage to Chris. One thing for certain, Kim looked beautiful in her gorgeous, mermaid gown.
The BIG reveal: Kim's backless dress was long-sleeved with a train, while a dramatic flowing white cathedral-length veil completed the look. The bride's hair was worn loose and long, with her make-up restrained and flawless
We here at Wellsink, Wish Kim and Kanye much happiness and love.. Kim may have just found the love she has been in search of and we are all happy for the both of them.
 Just married! Kim and Kanye look beaming with happiness as they walk hand-in-hand down the aisle after getting married at their lavish wedding in Florence, Italy on Saturday
(Pictures captured by (E!)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Carter's Are Now Hoping That Everyone Can Get Past What Should Have Been A Private Moment, Now That Everyone Involved In The Altercation Has Apologized And United Once Again.

Jay Z, Beyonce as well as Solange, are now hoping that everyone will put what was supposed to a private matter to rest. Releasing statements earlier today to TMZ, stating "they are a family, and have family problems just as anyone else does in a  close net family"
Reports have stated that all parties involved in the altercation have apologized, and would like to see everyone move past this incident.
Reports have also stated that Solange was neither intoxicated or high on any drugs ( even though she was seen throughout the evening with more then one glass of champagne) but okay, we'll accept that.
As Wellsink reported in an earlier blog, the Carters are extremely private in their affairs and we may never know what sent Solange in a wild fit of rage, but hey, the good thing is, everyone is united once again, at least that's what the media would like us to believe. For Beyonce sake, we hope so, because after all.. Who wants to be the third wheel on a Sister and Husband feud. Wishing the Carter's all the best.

Monday, May 12, 2014

In What Must Have Been The Elevator Ride From Hell:Jay Z Was Attacked By What Appeared To Be An Outraged Solange!!

    What could have brought on the brutal attack against Jay Z by Beyonce's sister Solange? The answer to that question has yet to be revealed, However,  Wellsink has come to a final conclusion about the physical attack. Jay, maintained his composure the whole way through, Never once striking Solange back. We all know that the Carters has made it quite clear that their business is in fact just that. Their business, but yet that still doesn't eliminate the curiosity itch that most of us has about the elevator ride from hell, that sent Solange into a fit of rage. Here is where things get blurred for us here at Wellsink, all while Solange was bustin' Jay upside his head and trying to kick his stomach through his back, Bey clearly stayed out of that line of fire, only jumping between the two when Solange tried kicking him in the stomach, It's apparent from the Video that TMZ captured from inside of the elevator that J at one point, exchanged words with Beyonce right before Solange tried striking him again,With

without the sound to this video, what  happened after the "Met Gala" after party, at the Standard Hotel in NYC, is still a fuzzy picture. What is clear to see, is that Solange, was clearly upset with Jay for whatever reasons that have not been made clear to the public and probably never will be leaked for the nosy Americans to see. Whatever it was, it was bad enough, that Bey and Solange drove away in a separate car from her hubby and Brother-in-law. This would be where Wellsink would say, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but the way the Carter's have their privacy set up.. We won't find out a damn thing!!
Kudos to you Jay for keeping your cool!

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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