Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"What Goes Up, Must Come Down"

After going through life and learning more then I knew at the bright age of 25, I thought I would share a thought or two with you today. I know a lot of my readers, just may be wondering where the Entertainment Blogs have gone lately.. Well let me be the first to advise you, that you can still find all the hottest Entertainment Blogs right here on "WRUR" Wellsink "Raw and Uncut." But until then, I'd like to touch on a few topics that I think can be sometimes over~looked in the hustle and bustle of our every day life..
It seems now days, both men and women that are looking to hop into a relationship, should look deep before we leap, by doing so, we can in fact   avoid some of those "Situationships" that a lot of people find themselves into these days.
Have you ever met someone that made you feel as if you were on cloud nine? You know what I mean..Don't you? It's like when you meet someone and you guys just click, When that phone rings and you hurry to look at your phone just to see if the Caller I.D. is going to show you that it's that one who melts your heart that is calling, or to Hurry over to check your phone when it's ringing, only to find out it's the person you wouldn't even put on your "Throw away mind?" Well all know what happens to those calls right? Absolutely we do, those calls go straight to voice mail. However, what if in fact it was that special person that made your heart go pitter patter? Then that person has just made your day a little bit brighter.. That person makes you feel so elevated almost as if they had taken you on some type of natural high.. But just as things go up, you can find yourself quickly on a down ward latter when you find out the person who has been sending you on this natural high, has in fact been telling you big fat lies. How do you respond to a man/woman that has led you to believe that there was no one else, or that he is gay, What if in fact you were talking to the woman of your dreams, but there was a secret she had been hiding from you? Like having a multitude of children.. Is this something a man considering entering a relationship with a woman, needs to know off top?! Absolutely, because then you give that man a chance to say he is either cool with children or to run with rockets from his ass, either way, you were honest and forthright .
What about the man who has gotten involved with a woman, only to find out the whole relationship was built on a lie because he in fact is gay and the only reason a woman was brought into his life, was to eliminate him having to explain to his family and friends just why it is they never see him with a woman.
Yes, my friends, it;s called trickery being bamboozled in order to manipulate a situation to turn in their favor, and that. Is why we must begin to look deep before we leap.. You just may be leaping into some shit you just don't want.. and that feeling that had you so up beat will be that same feeling that has you down.. Ijs
: Food Fa Thought

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