Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tired Of All The Fuckery, Tell Me Are You!?

My mind keeps spinning, I'm in a daze, tired of these people and their fake ass way's, People only saying things to get what they want now days.. No one is me everyone is fake, people's loyalty is what's at stake.. It's almost as if people have no love in their hearts anymore, the word love is an open and revolving door.. It only exist when a person is in need.. give me this, can I have that..can you write this for me please.. It becomes hard to smile on a day to day basis, especially when your dealing with so many different faces. Lookin' fa love in all the wrong places, the fake words that they spit keep you running in mazes.
I think I've finally hit the point of no return, these people and their antics.. man they gone learn..That I goes from 0-10 on any given day..getcha lyin, fake ass, up outta my way.. I can can be ko, just not on this day.
Don't wanna gas you or play your games.. feeling like everyone is so damn lame.. riddle me this riddle me that..I don't have time to even respond to that..
I've tried playing fair..even tried being nice, but at this point, I'm as cold as ice. Trying to make since of my life these past three year's, I should be happy, but no one knows what I go through out here..
Shut me down, hack my life.. Even when I overcome, shit still can't get right.. Dealing with demons that want to see me fall..they don't wanna see me when this game in the long haul! But I stay strong, never am I weak, never will I hop in the back of your seat.
In control of my own destiny, why won't they just let me be, why is it they love misery? Woke up today in one of my moods, needing to feed my brain that knowledge is food. I'm tired of all the fuckery, tell me are you?
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