Friday, April 11, 2014

The Game Ordered To Stay 100 Feet Away From Tiffney Cambridge Due To A Domestic Violence Dispute.

 What happens to these "men" when they enter into this music industry? It appears that they lose their way of thinking, they are no longer thinking for themselves anymore and at times can come off as rude, nasty, or just plain mean. I'd to think that the accusations floating around about the Game breaking Tiffney Cambridge nose are completely false.. For those of you who may not know who Tiffney is, well I'll clue you in. Not only is Cambridge the mother of Games children but she was also engaged to the Game as well.
Last month, around the 19th of March, Tiffney and The Game were allegedly involved in a heated argument, where sources state Game broke Cambridge nose. However, Game states he never laid a finger on her.
Due to the heated argument, Cambridge filed a restraining order on the Game on the 2nd of April, restricting the Game from having any contact with her at all!
He is not to be in 100 yards of Tiffney, however the Judge has stipulated that he in fact can visit his children on the weekends.
Okay, Now may I put my two cents into this bit of news that we have just learned?
Why do these men get a little bit of money, whether it be from the Music industry or anything else that has to do with entertaining the people? Why does it become so relevant to forsake the one that has stood by their side through the good and bad as well as the highs and lows? I think it's sad that a man who enters this game with the thought of blowing up... can trade in his Benz for a Bentley.. How the hell is that right?
If that woman was with you from the begging to the end, how dare you give up on her just because you have a little dough now.. Shame on you.. and yes, there are alot of you men who have done that through out the years. I'm going to take this time right here and right now to shout out the true giants in this game who haven't left the women they started at the bottom with, Kudos to you Snoop for being a "G" and standing tall with and for Shante Broadus..
  now that's some real love for that ass, lets not forget Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff.. Now those are the giants in this here game to me. We hear alot about couples not making it through this here shit.. But they have and I give respect where respect is do.. Big shout outs to the "Real OG Playas" in this here. Continue to keep the Media, Paparazzi, and the Press the hell away from and out of your business!! To the Game and Tiffney, only you know what's going on behind close doors of your home.. but here is some real sound advice for you Game, Don't be one of the ones who lets ya money go to your head and forget where your heart once lied, and please stay away from Khloe Kardashian, leave her right where you found her, she too can learn from the Og's of the industry.. It's called marriage and loyalty Khloe, how quickly we forget!!! 
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