Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Phuck You!! Pay Me!!

                                      WELLINK PBA!!!!

This shit has gotten way out of control.. I think right now, I'm going to take this time to shout out all the hata's that love sippin on that hater-aid, to the Janky ass promoters who always got they mutha fuckin hands out wanting something for free.. that goes for manager's, record labels, venues and whomever else is riding that "I'm entitled to something for free tidal wave".. Here is some sound advice for you.. You wouldn't walk into Bank of America demanding them to pay you a lump sum of money without and account or any money to back up that demand, unless your robbing the joint would you? Well, my last name is Wells but it damn sure ain't Fargo. I am not a prostitiute so in turn why in the hell would I Hoe my talents away?..Phuck You! Pay me.. To the Janky Promoter's, Manager's and anyone else trying to get over on these real  Artist of the industry, shame on you! Do you honestly think that these people who are serious about their craft are going to do anything for free? Hell naw! Phuck you!! "Break Bread or Play Dead!!" as an artist once quoted.
To the hater who get's mad because a woman won't lay down with you to get where she need's to get in this industry..Phuck you.. Make believe you got blood gushin from ya head..Phuck You..Play dead!!
To the fake mutha fucka's always smiling in your face as if your intentions where good.. Phuck you!! Go kill yourself.
I've gotten real pissed off, and I'm whoppin ya ass mentally and taking names last..from this point on.. I'm puttin fake niggas on blast! To that boxer.. who went onto my page and stalked my photo's over 96 times, but also like women with dicks!! Phuck you!! Pay me to be quiet..If I have dirt on you and I know it.. It's down hill for you from here on out!!
To that kat AH.. yea.. you'll have your day ;) but  it's still like.." Phuck you!! Pay me!!
To that nigga who wished failure on me by taking something that was needed..Phuck you!! Keep payin me.. 
I'm zoom,zoom, zoomin past ya'll asses!! Gettin away from you frauds with rockets and  my ass~etts!! As Grip Da Bodyrocka say's "Can you keep up" Phuck you!! pay him too!!
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