Sunday, April 13, 2014

If The Allegations Are True, Our Great Judicial System Won't Be Playing No "Games" Witcha!!


             Wellsink Exclusive!!!

More damaging news regarding that news bit Wellsink brought to you last week, regarding the "Game" and estranged fiance' Tiffney Cambridge, that if in fact looked into more closely by the authorities, could in fact spell out a "Huge Disaster" for the Game.
Tmz has recently reported that there was more going on the night of March 16th, when Tiffney was allegedly beaten by the "Game" reporting that on the night of the incident, there was a table broken where two of their children had been injured. TMZ, has also reported that, according to the document's, during that altercation both children were injured, their three-year-old daughter screamed out for Tiffney because her leg had been bleeding. Allegedly, this infuriated the "Game" more and he blurted out to her "Move the fuck out the way" all while calling her a bitch, while continuing to hit her in her back with a closed fist, as well as tearing away at her cloths.
It was also reported that Game stated " He would end it all"
Cambridge, stated that sometime after the altercation, Game did in fact let her leave with the children and the following day is when she sought out medical attention and at that time she was informed by the rounding Physician, that she had in fact suffered a broken nose.
Game is sticking to his story, that Tiffney has made this whole incident up, and that he never laid one finger on Cambridge.
Wellsink, won't dive too far off into this swimming pool at this time and will hold our ground. We hope that this is all hear say, because if it isn't.. It damn sure ain't a good look on ya Game, and our Judicial system, won't be playing "Games" witcha!!
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