Sunday, April 13, 2014

Can You Tell The World What Is To Be A Great Leader, And What It Feels Like To Have Authorities Try And Sabotage You? Art McKoy And Dr. King Can!!!!

Meet Art McKoy, a man of pride, a man who has something to say, A activist that we as African Americans have been waiting for. Art McKoy has been fighting for Ohio's communities well over 30 years now. I'd first like to start off with a bit of information that you all probably are aware of, and if your not, then that is where I come in.
Some of my readers in the Middle East and Back East may already be well acclimated with Art and the work that he has done and currently continues to do. Some of those things just may not be what a person wants to hear about a "Activist" who in fact was arrested for the very exact thing he preaches about.
Back in 2008 McKoy's Barber Shop located in the heart of East Cleveland, for what Cleveland Authorities has called the biggest drug ring being ran out of "Superfly" the name of McKoy's Barber Shop.
At that time authorities claimed that they had confiscated a pound of powder cocaine after searching the Barber Shop as well as crack cocaine and heroin. The investigation began in February of 2008 Police made numerous drug purchases in the barbershop, Police Chief Ralph Spotts stated back then.
Here's where things get a little fishy for Wellsink, at the time of this raid back in 2008 located on Euclid and Avenue as well as a home on Brackland Avenue, Authorities refused to say Mr. McKoy had been present or if he even had any involvement at all in selling the drugs at the time of this raid, so my question would be.. What the hell was he arrested for? Which brings Wellsink right back to the beginning of my story. What do they do to all the great leaders of this nation when they can't shut them down? They begin to try and sabotage,and in fact shut us up, all because there is a profound message to be heard or you have displayed the quality's of leading the masses. This is why Art was a target, just as Martin Luther King and anyone else who had a dream and refused to wake from it.
Authorities at that time, continued to slander McKoy's name as well as his reputation by releasing to the media,, statements such as this, "This was a major drug-distribution operation inside the city that supplied a number of on-the-street drug dealers," Chief Spotts said in a news release. "This will help dry up some of the city's problem areas and send a very strong message to the drug dealers."
Ain't that ah bish, now let me reintegrate that Authorities never once said that this well respected community activist had any knowledge of drugs being sold while he had been present nor could they say if he in fact had taken any parts of selling drugs himself. He owned a Barber Shop that he simply rented out space to other barbers, does this mean he knew every little detail that was going on in that shop.. Wellsink would have to say no. How many of us have visited a Barber Shop, especially a busy one in the heart of the ghetto, where every owner is sitting in his shop? I don't know that many.. Mr McKoy was and still is a very busy man and I'm sure at that time, he had more valuable time on his hands that surely did not consist of him sitting around his Barber Shop with the fellas telling stories about all the women he chased down the night before.. Come on.. Wellsink, isn't the only one who has sat in the shop to know exactly what you men talk about when you sit down in those chairs..
Getting right back on track, with the information that authorities were going off of to Raid  the location at "Superfly" I hardly believe that McKoys arrest was warranted. Today you can still see and hear Art as the voice of reason as the voice who speaks for those who just can not or simply won't speak for themselves in and around the Ohio regions. Art has even established the "Memorial Wall Of Sorrow" which shines the light on more then 1,000 people who have died in Cuyahoga County, between the ages of one and 25-years of age.
Currently you can find Art on 1940 am Radio Station every Sunday Night from 5-7pm EST
If your anything like me, this is a show you don't want to be left out in the snow in. Make sure your tuned in and I guarantee you, this will not be the last time you hear Wellsink, speak on his name!!

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