Friday, April 11, 2014

All I'm Gone Say!!

Knock knock.. who is it? It's that bish you hate to see, the bish deep down you trying to be or be with.. A taste of this Gangsta shid.. is what chew seek.. You go about showing your "True" feelings every time you hack me.. I use to get enraged, angered, pissed OFF can't you see.. that these "High School Games".. Just ain't fa me.. Oh God..Oh Shid.. Somebody please save me.. Take me away from these Bullshid..put me out ma misery.. Dummy down..Shut up, puta blind fold on me.. In the dark.. all alone.. I'm so enlightened, I still see, the.. bullshid.. the games you've tried runnin' down on me.. Gotta question..  Gotta know, did you want this
Phuck ah mad.. I'm livid, just let me be, don't be mad be..cause I'm makin' his..tory.. then take my identity and assume to be me!! This shid is wild...
Somethin like a real life mo..vie and I am that lady in that leading role, feel like the Feds is chasing me...for something I stole or didn't steal, for something I said or didn't say..
I'm confused..I'm lost.. but for now this all I'm gone say!!
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