Sunday, April 13, 2014

Can You Tell The World What Is To Be A Great Leader, And What It Feels Like To Have Authorities Try And Sabotage You? Art McKoy And Dr. King Can!!!!

Meet Art McKoy, a man of pride, a man who has something to say, A activist that we as African Americans have been waiting for. Art McKoy has been fighting for Ohio's communities well over 30 years now. I'd first like to start off with a bit of information that you all probably are aware of, and if your not, then that is where I come in.
Some of my readers in the Middle East and Back East may already be well acclimated with Art and the work that he has done and currently continues to do. Some of those things just may not be what a person wants to hear about a "Activist" who in fact was arrested for the very exact thing he preaches about.
Back in 2008 McKoy's Barber Shop located in the heart of East Cleveland, for what Cleveland Authorities has called the biggest drug ring being ran out of "Superfly" the name of McKoy's Barber Shop.
At that time authorities claimed that they had confiscated a pound of powder cocaine after searching the Barber Shop as well as crack cocaine and heroin. The investigation began in February of 2008 Police made numerous drug purchases in the barbershop, Police Chief Ralph Spotts stated back then.
Here's where things get a little fishy for Wellsink, at the time of this raid back in 2008 located on Euclid and Avenue as well as a home on Brackland Avenue, Authorities refused to say Mr. McKoy had been present or if he even had any involvement at all in selling the drugs at the time of this raid, so my question would be.. What the hell was he arrested for? Which brings Wellsink right back to the beginning of my story. What do they do to all the great leaders of this nation when they can't shut them down? They begin to try and sabotage,and in fact shut us up, all because there is a profound message to be heard or you have displayed the quality's of leading the masses. This is why Art was a target, just as Martin Luther King and anyone else who had a dream and refused to wake from it.
Authorities at that time, continued to slander McKoy's name as well as his reputation by releasing to the media,, statements such as this, "This was a major drug-distribution operation inside the city that supplied a number of on-the-street drug dealers," Chief Spotts said in a news release. "This will help dry up some of the city's problem areas and send a very strong message to the drug dealers."
Ain't that ah bish, now let me reintegrate that Authorities never once said that this well respected community activist had any knowledge of drugs being sold while he had been present nor could they say if he in fact had taken any parts of selling drugs himself. He owned a Barber Shop that he simply rented out space to other barbers, does this mean he knew every little detail that was going on in that shop.. Wellsink would have to say no. How many of us have visited a Barber Shop, especially a busy one in the heart of the ghetto, where every owner is sitting in his shop? I don't know that many.. Mr McKoy was and still is a very busy man and I'm sure at that time, he had more valuable time on his hands that surely did not consist of him sitting around his Barber Shop with the fellas telling stories about all the women he chased down the night before.. Come on.. Wellsink, isn't the only one who has sat in the shop to know exactly what you men talk about when you sit down in those chairs..
Getting right back on track, with the information that authorities were going off of to Raid  the location at "Superfly" I hardly believe that McKoys arrest was warranted. Today you can still see and hear Art as the voice of reason as the voice who speaks for those who just can not or simply won't speak for themselves in and around the Ohio regions. Art has even established the "Memorial Wall Of Sorrow" which shines the light on more then 1,000 people who have died in Cuyahoga County, between the ages of one and 25-years of age.
Currently you can find Art on 1940 am Radio Station every Sunday Night from 5-7pm EST
If your anything like me, this is a show you don't want to be left out in the snow in. Make sure your tuned in and I guarantee you, this will not be the last time you hear Wellsink, speak on his name!!

If The Allegations Are True, Our Great Judicial System Won't Be Playing No "Games" Witcha!!


             Wellsink Exclusive!!!

More damaging news regarding that news bit Wellsink brought to you last week, regarding the "Game" and estranged fiance' Tiffney Cambridge, that if in fact looked into more closely by the authorities, could in fact spell out a "Huge Disaster" for the Game.
Tmz has recently reported that there was more going on the night of March 16th, when Tiffney was allegedly beaten by the "Game" reporting that on the night of the incident, there was a table broken where two of their children had been injured. TMZ, has also reported that, according to the document's, during that altercation both children were injured, their three-year-old daughter screamed out for Tiffney because her leg had been bleeding. Allegedly, this infuriated the "Game" more and he blurted out to her "Move the fuck out the way" all while calling her a bitch, while continuing to hit her in her back with a closed fist, as well as tearing away at her cloths.
It was also reported that Game stated " He would end it all"
Cambridge, stated that sometime after the altercation, Game did in fact let her leave with the children and the following day is when she sought out medical attention and at that time she was informed by the rounding Physician, that she had in fact suffered a broken nose.
Game is sticking to his story, that Tiffney has made this whole incident up, and that he never laid one finger on Cambridge.
Wellsink, won't dive too far off into this swimming pool at this time and will hold our ground. We hope that this is all hear say, because if it isn't.. It damn sure ain't a good look on ya Game, and our Judicial system, won't be playing "Games" witcha!!

Beyonce and Jay Z, Makes and Un Annocued, Visit Front and Center Stage In Coachella Saturday Night!!

The duo power couple Jay Z and Beyonce, seemed to take their fans by surprise when they took center stage at Coachella, Saturday night. First up on stage was Bey as she danced her way onto the stage to do what she does best! Entertain the crowd, this following Little sis Solange set.
Then there was that rappin' ass Ninja, Jay who took front and center stage to do his thing, only on this night, he would be performing side by side with "Nas"
 And just like that...Poof! They were gone.. But not before they rocked the crowd. What an unexpected event for all that were there to get all the way turnt up!

Friday, April 11, 2014

All I'm Gone Say!!

Knock knock.. who is it? It's that bish you hate to see, the bish deep down you trying to be or be with.. A taste of this Gangsta shid.. is what chew seek.. You go about showing your "True" feelings every time you hack me.. I use to get enraged, angered, pissed OFF can't you see.. that these "High School Games".. Just ain't fa me.. Oh God..Oh Shid.. Somebody please save me.. Take me away from these Bullshid..put me out ma misery.. Dummy down..Shut up, puta blind fold on me.. In the dark.. all alone.. I'm so enlightened, I still see, the.. bullshid.. the games you've tried runnin' down on me.. Gotta question..  Gotta know, did you want this
Phuck ah mad.. I'm livid, just let me be, don't be mad be..cause I'm makin' his..tory.. then take my identity and assume to be me!! This shid is wild...
Somethin like a real life mo..vie and I am that lady in that leading role, feel like the Feds is chasing me...for something I stole or didn't steal, for something I said or didn't say..
I'm confused..I'm lost.. but for now this all I'm gone say!!

The Game Ordered To Stay 100 Feet Away From Tiffney Cambridge Due To A Domestic Violence Dispute.

 What happens to these "men" when they enter into this music industry? It appears that they lose their way of thinking, they are no longer thinking for themselves anymore and at times can come off as rude, nasty, or just plain mean. I'd to think that the accusations floating around about the Game breaking Tiffney Cambridge nose are completely false.. For those of you who may not know who Tiffney is, well I'll clue you in. Not only is Cambridge the mother of Games children but she was also engaged to the Game as well.
Last month, around the 19th of March, Tiffney and The Game were allegedly involved in a heated argument, where sources state Game broke Cambridge nose. However, Game states he never laid a finger on her.
Due to the heated argument, Cambridge filed a restraining order on the Game on the 2nd of April, restricting the Game from having any contact with her at all!
He is not to be in 100 yards of Tiffney, however the Judge has stipulated that he in fact can visit his children on the weekends.
Okay, Now may I put my two cents into this bit of news that we have just learned?
Why do these men get a little bit of money, whether it be from the Music industry or anything else that has to do with entertaining the people? Why does it become so relevant to forsake the one that has stood by their side through the good and bad as well as the highs and lows? I think it's sad that a man who enters this game with the thought of blowing up... can trade in his Benz for a Bentley.. How the hell is that right?
If that woman was with you from the begging to the end, how dare you give up on her just because you have a little dough now.. Shame on you.. and yes, there are alot of you men who have done that through out the years. I'm going to take this time right here and right now to shout out the true giants in this game who haven't left the women they started at the bottom with, Kudos to you Snoop for being a "G" and standing tall with and for Shante Broadus..
  now that's some real love for that ass, lets not forget Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff.. Now those are the giants in this here game to me. We hear alot about couples not making it through this here shit.. But they have and I give respect where respect is do.. Big shout outs to the "Real OG Playas" in this here. Continue to keep the Media, Paparazzi, and the Press the hell away from and out of your business!! To the Game and Tiffney, only you know what's going on behind close doors of your home.. but here is some real sound advice for you Game, Don't be one of the ones who lets ya money go to your head and forget where your heart once lied, and please stay away from Khloe Kardashian, leave her right where you found her, she too can learn from the Og's of the industry.. It's called marriage and loyalty Khloe, how quickly we forget!!! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chris Brown, Transfers To A Jail Located In Virgina, Meanwhile Eminem's Daughter Hallie, Is All Grown Up!


           WRUR RawRadio102.5 Quick Entertainment News

1. Eminem's daughter Hallie, has grown up to be a beautiful young woman, Making home coming queen and possibly attending Michigan University in the very near future. Kudos to you Hallie!!
2. Chris Brown, relocated to a Virgina Prison, and he won't be shown any favortism at all!
Brown appears to be a little bit more happy then what he should be, for a man doing time, Hey.. must be the change of location..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"What Goes Up, Must Come Down"

After going through life and learning more then I knew at the bright age of 25, I thought I would share a thought or two with you today. I know a lot of my readers, just may be wondering where the Entertainment Blogs have gone lately.. Well let me be the first to advise you, that you can still find all the hottest Entertainment Blogs right here on "WRUR" Wellsink "Raw and Uncut." But until then, I'd like to touch on a few topics that I think can be sometimes over~looked in the hustle and bustle of our every day life..
It seems now days, both men and women that are looking to hop into a relationship, should look deep before we leap, by doing so, we can in fact   avoid some of those "Situationships" that a lot of people find themselves into these days.
Have you ever met someone that made you feel as if you were on cloud nine? You know what I mean..Don't you? It's like when you meet someone and you guys just click, When that phone rings and you hurry to look at your phone just to see if the Caller I.D. is going to show you that it's that one who melts your heart that is calling, or to Hurry over to check your phone when it's ringing, only to find out it's the person you wouldn't even put on your "Throw away mind?" Well all know what happens to those calls right? Absolutely we do, those calls go straight to voice mail. However, what if in fact it was that special person that made your heart go pitter patter? Then that person has just made your day a little bit brighter.. That person makes you feel so elevated almost as if they had taken you on some type of natural high.. But just as things go up, you can find yourself quickly on a down ward latter when you find out the person who has been sending you on this natural high, has in fact been telling you big fat lies. How do you respond to a man/woman that has led you to believe that there was no one else, or that he is gay, What if in fact you were talking to the woman of your dreams, but there was a secret she had been hiding from you? Like having a multitude of children.. Is this something a man considering entering a relationship with a woman, needs to know off top?! Absolutely, because then you give that man a chance to say he is either cool with children or to run with rockets from his ass, either way, you were honest and forthright .
What about the man who has gotten involved with a woman, only to find out the whole relationship was built on a lie because he in fact is gay and the only reason a woman was brought into his life, was to eliminate him having to explain to his family and friends just why it is they never see him with a woman.
Yes, my friends, it;s called trickery being bamboozled in order to manipulate a situation to turn in their favor, and that. Is why we must begin to look deep before we leap.. You just may be leaping into some shit you just don't want.. and that feeling that had you so up beat will be that same feeling that has you down.. Ijs
: Food Fa Thought

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tired Of All The Fuckery, Tell Me Are You!?

My mind keeps spinning, I'm in a daze, tired of these people and their fake ass way's, People only saying things to get what they want now days.. No one is me everyone is fake, people's loyalty is what's at stake.. It's almost as if people have no love in their hearts anymore, the word love is an open and revolving door.. It only exist when a person is in need.. give me this, can I have that..can you write this for me please.. It becomes hard to smile on a day to day basis, especially when your dealing with so many different faces. Lookin' fa love in all the wrong places, the fake words that they spit keep you running in mazes.
I think I've finally hit the point of no return, these people and their antics.. man they gone learn..That I goes from 0-10 on any given day..getcha lyin, fake ass, up outta my way.. I can can be ko, just not on this day.
Don't wanna gas you or play your games.. feeling like everyone is so damn lame.. riddle me this riddle me that..I don't have time to even respond to that..
I've tried playing fair..even tried being nice, but at this point, I'm as cold as ice. Trying to make since of my life these past three year's, I should be happy, but no one knows what I go through out here..
Shut me down, hack my life.. Even when I overcome, shit still can't get right.. Dealing with demons that want to see me fall..they don't wanna see me when this game in the long haul! But I stay strong, never am I weak, never will I hop in the back of your seat.
In control of my own destiny, why won't they just let me be, why is it they love misery? Woke up today in one of my moods, needing to feed my brain that knowledge is food. I'm tired of all the fuckery, tell me are you?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Phuck You!! Pay Me!!

                                      WELLINK PBA!!!!

This shit has gotten way out of control.. I think right now, I'm going to take this time to shout out all the hata's that love sippin on that hater-aid, to the Janky ass promoters who always got they mutha fuckin hands out wanting something for free.. that goes for manager's, record labels, venues and whomever else is riding that "I'm entitled to something for free tidal wave".. Here is some sound advice for you.. You wouldn't walk into Bank of America demanding them to pay you a lump sum of money without and account or any money to back up that demand, unless your robbing the joint would you? Well, my last name is Wells but it damn sure ain't Fargo. I am not a prostitiute so in turn why in the hell would I Hoe my talents away?..Phuck You! Pay me.. To the Janky Promoter's, Manager's and anyone else trying to get over on these real  Artist of the industry, shame on you! Do you honestly think that these people who are serious about their craft are going to do anything for free? Hell naw! Phuck you!! "Break Bread or Play Dead!!" as an artist once quoted.
To the hater who get's mad because a woman won't lay down with you to get where she need's to get in this industry..Phuck you.. Make believe you got blood gushin from ya head..Phuck You..Play dead!!
To the fake mutha fucka's always smiling in your face as if your intentions where good.. Phuck you!! Go kill yourself.
I've gotten real pissed off, and I'm whoppin ya ass mentally and taking names last..from this point on.. I'm puttin fake niggas on blast! To that boxer.. who went onto my page and stalked my photo's over 96 times, but also like women with dicks!! Phuck you!! Pay me to be quiet..If I have dirt on you and I know it.. It's down hill for you from here on out!!
To that kat AH.. yea.. you'll have your day ;) but  it's still like.." Phuck you!! Pay me!!
To that nigga who wished failure on me by taking something that was needed..Phuck you!! Keep payin me.. 
I'm zoom,zoom, zoomin past ya'll asses!! Gettin away from you frauds with rockets and  my ass~etts!! As Grip Da Bodyrocka say's "Can you keep up" Phuck you!! pay him too!!

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...