Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Is It So Important In Today's Society To Mind Phuck Or Manipulate Others?!

In today's society we have gotten so caught up in keeping up with the Jones, that some of us just simply are not keeping up with ourselves. It's one thing to become interested in something that someone may be doing in life, and a whole notha thing to be completely engulfed in some one else affairs to the point of hate. If you are constantly trying to find out what your neighbor is doing in their backyard, then how my friend can you keep your own grass green? You can't. 
Have you ever noticed that when you are doing terrible the whole world seems to be with you, but as soon as you begin to try to make an impact on the world, those same people that were once all for you are now against you? And maybe, those people that may be against you, are the same people that you sit down and break bread with.. Everyone can't be fed, and surely not everyone is to be trusted, and it becomes difficult to decipher the real from the fake these day's. Sure, everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs that they are real, but here's my take on it.. Your really full of shit. How can you be real with anyone else when you can't even be real with yourself?
Even in today's relationships, most are so badly forged to the point that today's couples are truly in fact not in it for the love at all, it could be many of reasons why two people are involved and none of them will equal love. Men would rather have a chic who wants to sell her ass for that mighty dolla, and chics are only trying to see how they can mind phuck a man.. I mean the shit has really gotten out of control. Me on the other hand, I'd rather have something real, rather that be in a relationship, friendship, my career or whatever it is that I may be doing. I find no enjoyment trying to get over, use, nor manipulate anyone! However, everyone isn't cut from the same cloth as me. I'm not interested in the Jones, because the Jones hasn't done a thing for Wellsink.
People need to get their minds right! Stop complaining about what's wrong with our society if your one of the ones phucking our society up.. Ijs.
This has been a PBA from Wellsink "Raw and Uncut"
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