Monday, March 10, 2014

What Is The "Secret" To Success? Could It All Lie In Just A Single Thought?

What is the the secret to success? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Some would like to believe, that it is the talent for whatever craft you may posses, while  others may believe it was just a matter of " being in the right place at the right time" and it very well may be, that you happened to know someone that can eliminate all the red tape on your climb, and sit you right on top.
While I'd like to think that it is nothing more then throwing your every want and desire at the doorstep of our big great universe.
Did you know that everything you have in your life whether it be good or bad.. You have in fact, thought it into existence?
Have you ever wondered why it is, "Bob" beat you out of that promotion you had been waiting all year on , and he definitely had far less experience in the position, where some may have said "You" would have excelled in.
The reason "Bob" received that promotion,is  because he first thought about getting it,  and then he may have even went as far as writing it down over and over again, on a single sheet of paper, of what he would accomplish within the company, with his new promotion. Then he focused on getting it.. Instead of saying things like.."I hope I get That promotion," or "I don't want to continue working for this company on this salary" Change up, begin to say what you do want in your life and not what you don't want.
The thing to remember is, everything is an energy a vibration.. I could go on and on but I think you get the just..
Begin to create happiness, see things with a clear vision, another way to help you focus on the very things you want in and out of life, is to begin to sharpen your senses, to allow you to see things behind closed eyelids if you will, this is called "Chakra" seeing things clearly through your third eye..
There are a few ways that this can be done..I was reading Rudolf Steiners book "Higher Knowledge" and there are several things he mentions you should be developed in before attempting any of these exercises, Samual Sagan leaves all of these out of his book but does recommend reading Steiners manuscript. To be honest with you, it's quite difficult to understand
Rudolf Steiner book, it's not an easy read, and I'm finding it quite difficult to understand him with his explanations and so on, it's also quite concerning, as he mentions if your not developed in all the recommendations that he is advising then you will become a play thing for spiritual forces and your 16 Petaled lotus (astral body)will be deformed and not pure) there's a multitude of hard things to achieve that he advises. In a nut shell, this is not a practice one should carry out without a professional to assist them.
I said all of this to say, if your looking to reach higher ground in life or simply accomplish those super high goals you've set fourth for yourself, remain positive at all times.. and just when things begin to look a little dark.. Step back into the light and begin to think positive thoughts, I promise you when you begin to change the way think.. everyone and everything around you begins to change as well..
#Food for Thought

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