Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Is It About Him That Makes A Woman Dismiss All His Wrong Doings?

However, does the dynamics of things change once you have gotten to know that man? Once you have accumulated several text messages in your phone, several conversations and multiple nights where you have laid awake on plenty of countless nights thinking of him.
Is the woman to blame or does he share the blame as well? because after all, didn't he deceive you? It's one thing to be half way honest and a whole other thing to flat out lie to ultimately get what it is you want. As a man that is in a relationship, whether that relationship is good or bad, the terms and stipulations of that relationship become irrelevant when the whole truth has not been told.We as women should begin to look deep.. maybe investigate the situation a little more before entering into something that could eventually bring you pain
I feel a lot of women end up in these type of situations, not by being ignorant, but by being lonely for whatever reasons why we are lonely, and simply looking for someone to fill that void...
We are mother's, doctors, healers, cooks, housekeepers and the back bone of our homes, and let me assure you, that at the end of the day, we in turn want what we dish out
But does love come with a price now a days or are we better off without the drama?
I'd like to believe and maybe this only exist in the fairytale land of Pisces, that somewhere, some place, love is in the air, Guess you just have to be able to see things with clear vision and keep your senses open, because if something is off, your sure to smell bullshit someone around..

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