Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tj Soto Mayor, Who Are You?!!!

Okay normally I do not like to get combative with people, However Tj Soto Mayor from You-Tube has really rubbed me the wrong way. Now I'm what you would be to consider a fair woman when writing my blogs,  articles, or merely speaking on air, but since Tj seems like to not want to play fair.. then neither am I.  recently I watched on You-Tube, where this man, a so called black man, degraded and down played black women to the point it actually made my blood boil..
Tj, I would like to inform you as a educated black woman, on just where it is I am coming from. I refuse to put you in the category of being a King, you don't deserve to hold that title. In listening in and watching you report on Jhonnie Blaze and her recent arrest in the murder of her husband.
I want to start off by saying that you need not worry about me pulling that "but, Tj your a black man card, neither will I use your mother as an example of how you were birth by a black woman therefore you should respect the African American Queen" because truthfully, if I were your mother I'd be ashamed to say that I brought a "Nigger!!" like you into this world and if your as educated as you proclaim to be, then you should know that a "Nigger" is a highly UN-educated person in which you surely fit the description of.
The way you sat and down played black women, made you look like a fool and I surely can not believe that people are even tuning in to listen to that nonsense you let fly up outta your mouth.. One comment imparticular that really got my blood to boiling, was your comment on, how the only thing a black women is good for is " fucking and fighting" You sound about as comical as you look. I'm here to tell you that I am a highly educated woman with a AA Degree in Journalism, Radio Host, Blogger and in my normal year's I worked as an E.R.Tech.. I said that to say this.. I apologize that the black women that you may have come encounter with were bums, That had no idea where their future was headed. However I can assure you that you have Doctor's, Lawyers, Writers, Bio-Chemist as well as Entertainers and Muscian's that are all black women doing great things.. Is Michelle Obama not a black woman doing big thing's? Sure she is, and I bet if she wanted to, She could buy your soul.. Not all black women are wearing fake hair, and even if thy are, that still dosen't give you the right to down play or disrespect her because of  her style or how she desires's to wear her hair, after all that's just petty! You should be ashamed of yourself!
You also had this to say to my "King's" which let me reitergrate you are not one of. You have let society brain wash you into hating your own kind as if the white man was looking at you as if you were a white man, advising our "True Kings" to do away with the black woman.. Listen, just because you enjoy the company of a white woman or whatever race it is that makes you feel like a man, doesn't mean that all black women are no good, and to tell all brotha's if their stll dating "Black" women, it's something wrong with them and they just can't get anyone else, Is just another sad case of " Another black man that has been diluted with hatered for his own kind" back in the day, You were referred to as a "Uncle Tom" or a "House Nigga" so house "Nigga" here's what I'd say to you, get to the bottom of why you really hate black women, maybe in seeing the truth, you'll begin to see, that it's really not the black woman, but rather the women who took part in raising you. Until next time, This has been another Wellsink, Food fa thought..
To see what all Tj Soto Mayor had to say about all black women, please visit the ignorance, at the link that has been provided below.
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