Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sleepless in Vegas..

There was no noise to keep her awake in the dark of the night, as she closed her eyes, his vision she'd fight, wanting, hoping, even wishing this time it be right.. but just cause she can't see it, don't mean she can't smell shit right?
Another sleepless night in Vegas as she holds her pillow tight.. It can't be a lie, a thought she whispered in her head as she gave him a look over as he slept over night.
Wanting it to never end..those hugs that held her tight..
She wondered how long she'd be able to play the game..wondered how long it would be, before she could utter his name.. No she didn't want the drama, that came with wanting him.. all she really wanted was for the two to be forever friends..
She thought about his smile.. the way he made her laugh.. day one... day two.. Damn! that shit went fast.. She couldn't bare to think that he'd be soon part of her past.. No.. she wanted..even needed to be closer to him then ever before.. Anticipating the moment he walked back through her door.. Would she say she loved him? No. She wouldn't dare.. in a way, she thought it to be truly unfair, to harbor such feelings for a man she couldn't fully say belonged to her..
All she knew was she needed him..yes..yes sir..
There was something real about the way their souls connect, the way he pushed up on her and kissed her gently on the neck..
Only time will tell excactly where she stands, but until that day.. She'll forever remain his rhyme to his music and continue to live his dance.
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