Tuesday, March 18, 2014

She Met You

He came like a thief in the night,  unexpected. She had not known that he would capture her attention in the manner that he did, It had been more then one conversation that the two had shared, He was involved with a married woman, so she didn't care, about over stepping boundaries, or stepping on any ones toes, she was merely going for just what she knows, Why would she hold back, or deny herself the feeling of being loved?.. She knew in her mind that this was a match that was made in heaven, This could turn into something that she could cherish, something pure..
His voice was like thunder, so masculine and strong, she thought to herself, "how could wanting him be wrong?"
He wanted her just like she wanted him, he never voiced his thoughts, he was a gentleman, if the opportunity had not presented itself, he would of let the shit ride.. There would have been no feelings to harbor inside..
The duo were go gettas, with destinations in life, their dreams, goals, and visions, would set them just right..
He made her laugh with the things that he'd say, in talking to him, she never felt that it was judgement day..
I imagine, it was the Cancer in him that made him so sweet, the
Cancer in him that kept her from sleep..
She felt the connection as it pulled at her heart.. Simply afraid to give love.. begin a new start... She had been hurt by more then a few, with that love, she said she was through, that was until, she met you..
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