Friday, March 21, 2014

Sex and Teenage Children, Are We Exploiting Them, Through Music and Television?

Sex in teenage children, has it gotten way out of control? Is what our children watching on television and listening to in music, sending the wrong message to the children of today? Isn't it bad enough, that the  message in today's music is saying that it is okay to have sex at a early age, It's okay to have a grown man or woman looking at you as if you were a sex object.
With music like "Partition" quickly climbing the chart's, and little girls singing "Drunk in love" while they gyrate all over the place, is it now fair to say the shit has just simply gotten out of control?
Here in 2014, we have in fact seen a decrease in teen pregnancy, however an increase of more and more teenage children having sex with men and women triple their age, which brings me to this point..
I am a mother of both female and male teenagers, and by no means is it okay for a 42-year-old woman to have a sexual relationship with a young man and vice versa for a man. I for one just couldn't find myself becoming interested in a young child, what on earth could a 15 or 16 year old kid have to offer a grown man or woman? Nothing at all in my opinion, other then some advice. Here is some reality for you to chew on, my 6 year old daughter has a friend and they are both in the same grade and same class, which in turn makes them the same age. This is where things get a little sick, the child friend of my daughter, father has just turned 24, so what does that say to you? I know right... sick. But that's the world that we live in today. Women are so desperate that they are now sleeping with little boy's. Now we can all use the argument that men have been doing this exact same thing for year's.. But who said that was okay? Ladies, it is the responsibility as mother's to teach our young women and men the difference between right and wrong.. It is my opinion that we need to get it back to the old day's, You know the day's when you were to pick your own switch.. I assure, you that it would be alot less disrespect going on in today's youth and damn sure no sex, because for one, they would be too afraid off that ass whoopin' that followed the thought of having sex. Ijs

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