Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playin Wit The Dark Side, When This Shit Gone End?!!

I go through this life seeing many shades of red.. Takes so much just to keep up ma head.. I wanna hurt a mutha fucka, yet I cry instead.. Vision of the struggle foreva plays wit ma head.. My heart hurts and not from this condition, because I'm stagnated right here in this position.. The music makes me dance.. it like feels ma soul.. completing me, where as once I was not whole.. Then music came.. It's always sang in ma ear, gave me solitude, when no one else was there, I'd put on my ear phones, and let the music take control.. How music made me feel.. no one would really ever know.. Stuck in a two by four cell.. Music, kept me from reliving that hell.. A writer at best, but that wasn't all.. I wrote of everything, even music..It helped me stand tall..
The pain from it all.. I mean this shit is real.. How could one single thing..make this bitch feel.. as if the fat lady has sung her last song.. I'm doing everything right, don't see what I'm doing wrong..
Grip said "All theses bitches want is drugs" all keno want is from the music is to be loved!!
Maybe in a way, I may be asking too much.. Feel like bowin' down right about now, I just don't give a phuck.. Step into the light so I can blow up.. Could give a phuck what chew think about Ke.. You doin you Imma damn show do me..This ain't the Bad Girls Club, this is my reality.. Excuse ma french, but the music won't let me be, late at night I hear it calling me.. write a line maybe two.. it's saying "Your stuck in this web that I've spun for you" Tell me Keno, what chew gone do..Keep spinnin' ya wheels or let me comfort you, show you all the things that I can do..
Look at how much I've already done for you.. I'll give you it all if you just let me in.. With me on ya side..all you do is win.. I'm playin with the dark side..when this shit gone end..
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