Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet Grip Da Bodyrocka, New Artist Quickly On The Rise

Grip Da Bodyrocka, originated from Cleavland Ohio, where he lived until the ripe age of 15-years-old. It was then his family move to Indiana.
Grip sits down with DJ Keno to tell us all about his album and more. Da Bodyrocka has been interested in the music industry since the age of 11, but got real serious about his craft back in '2007, with his father, Henry James Abercrombie aka C-note being his greatest inspiration, with his father being a DJ with Lady K, along with Chuck Conway Jr.
Grip, is more then a Hip-Hop artist, he dibbles in a little bit of everything, from R and B on down to Gangsta Rap "I'm all over the earth with it, I'm tryna touch everythang," Grip said
You won't find the Bodyrocka sitting idle or faking it til he makes it.. he is most definitely in the business of showing you just what he is made of.. Instead of talking the talk, he has proven he can make that walk.
With performing recently at such places such as, "Pea Body's" outta Cleavland, "The Sutra Lounge" located in the ATL, and many more to name.
Currently you can find Grip working on his album "Sumthin Serious" which consist of 28 tracks.
DJ Keno was given the opportunity to listen in on some of his slap, that can be heard on, and I'm here to tell you his music goes hard and is nothing like today's music "that blows up and pops" as the Grip quoted.
Wellsink, can assure you that his heat is far from "bubble yum" y'all, but I guess you 'll have to be the judge of that.
Currently Da Bodyrocka is not signed to any labels, however has distribution deals going on with Sony Red as well as Jive Records, Grip has taken his craft to a whole new level and is a force to be reckoned with! Keep ya eyes and ears open, because if you blink too long, he'd of have past you up like a train speeding down those railroad tracks!
Grip Da Bodyrocka, wanted to end the interview with a huge shout out to, Krushz Diamonds, a all female promotion team, Captain C, his plug with Rap-alot-Records, DJ Kut Master Chill, DJ K Yung, his bike club, Moville Ground Shakers and last but not least "I gotta give it up to all my fans and supporters, if it wasn't for them, none of this would be possible.
Wellsink, looks forward to seeing and hearing more of this talented young man.. 

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