Saturday, March 15, 2014

Master P, Worth $200 Million Dollars And Allegdly Leaving Estranged Wife Sonya Miller To Apply For Welfare?!

Oh Boy, Looks as if Master P's wife.. Soyna Miller is crying the blues, Stating that Master P has left her broke  and penniless to fend for her four younger children, Leaving her no other choice but to go and apply for welfare. Sonya claims that P is worth $200 million dollars and can't comprehend why she has been left to move in with their oldest son Lil Romeo, after helping him build his empire No Limit Records, Clothing line, and the list goes on..
It's disheartening for one, to see this relationship fall to it's demise after sharing so many year's with one another. At the end of the day, the focus shouldn't be the money, because essentially, it's the children who loses out in the end, they lose that stability that they at one point were accustomed to.
Divorce is a hard pill to swallow for anyone, especially small children, we here at Wellsink hopes that P and Sonya can resolve the issue that they are having and some how reach a happy medium where everyone involved ends up winning..

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