Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Man.. That Shit Is Fa The Weak!!

I guess for me it could of been several of thing's that would set me off. When your raised by a pack of wolves, no time to be soft! I been cursed by the enemy, comes to me like he was a friend of me, all while plotting against me.. Body runnin, on like half past dead, no sleep.. no food I'd rather.. grind on instead!
Vision of bullshit keep flashin in ma head.. instead of "Keep Calm," Should I blow up instead... you be livin in non-reality's.. Like that movie "Drop Dead Fred"
Come here, lay down.. want something to eat.. you tired, relax, massage ya shoulder's and feet?
I'm a woman no doubt..I stand on ma feet! 
Tear's won't fall, bricks won't crumble, I damn show won't compete..wit ah bish fa ah cat.. that was so like last week.. Blinder's off real talk, Keno goin in deep.. ah soft ass chic, ah cryin hoe.. Man that shits fa the weak, I told ya'll from the start.. only truth will I speak..

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