Saturday, March 22, 2014

Has Indianapolis Become One Of The Worst Places To Live, Law Makers Seem To Believe So, See Just What They Plan On Doing About It!!

It appear's that the Indianapolis, is under attack, with murder and Mayhem being at it's all time high.More than 38,000 crimes have been reported in the city last year alone. Although that number is down some  points from 2012, that’s a lot for a city that isn’t that big. That’s a lot of car thefts, armed robberies, rapes and burglaries. Public Safety Director Troy Riggs will tell you, it’s a lowball number. Many crimes go unreported, out of fear or frustration. One of his goals is to get more people to report crimes so police can respond better to problems. Politically, that’ll be tough, as opponents will seize on the increased numbers. But it’s reality and it’s the right thing to do.

The crime rate has gotten so out of control that Political officals have implemented new laws for the state for 2013-14, and get this.. Some of the laws that have been implemented, may in fact, shock the shit out of you.. Here is what Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" has just discovered.

Sweeping changes that Indiana lawmakers made this year to sentencing guidelines in hopes of slowing the growth of the state's prison population will actually have the opposite effect, according to a report presented Tuesday to a legislative committee.The panel hired Applied Research Services Inc. to analyze Indiana's revised sentencing guidelines, which are scheduled to take effect next July. Its report concludes the changes will increase the state's prison population over the next 10 years.
As if they weren't dishing out time to brotha's like they were dishing out free meals already.. Wellsink, refuses to believe that giving and extending jail time to inmates will make anything better. Could this be some type of hidden agenda somewhere?
John Speir, the co-founder of the Atlanta-based consulting firm, told committee members the new law's requirement that inmates serve at least 75 percent of their sentences will offset changes lawmakers made in reclassifying offenses and setting new sentencing ranges.
Indiana's current law allows most inmates to be released after serving half or less of their sentences if they stay out of trouble while behind bars.

The sentencing overhaul approved by lawmakers in April was designed to reduce the need to build new prison space or release inmates early by placing low-level offenders in probation, work-release or addiction-treatment programs..
Indianapolis, is reported to have two of the most Dangerous Neighborhoods.

The first area is along Meridian and Illinois streets and Capitol Avenue north of 30th Street. The report ranks that area as the 17th most dangerous, So with this bit of information being circulated through the media, is it safe to say, this is why the New Laws for Indianapolis has been implemented? This just goes to prove what Wellsink has been saying for year's now.. Thing's are going on in higher places that we as a society needs to pay more attention to, Turn your televisions off, turn the volume down on the radio and begin to focus on the things that have been going on right under or very noses for years.
We as a whole can only complain about the thing's that get under or skin, only if we are willing to take a stance and make a change.. Tell me, are you willing to take that stand?
This is Wellsink, coming to you from those mean streets of Indianapolis.
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