Sunday, March 16, 2014

Has Drake and Rhianna Found Love In Each Other?

Has Drake and Rhianna, finally decided to give love a try? That's what sources close to the duo are in fact now saying, claiming that every since Rhianna has arrived in Europe to join Drake while he is on tour there, the duo has spent every night with one another.  Sources state, Rhianna has went as far as saying that "Drake treats her better then anyone she has ever been with"
and as for Drake, reportedly, he has been in the best mood ever.
If Drake and Rhianna have become official, then that's a good thing, But my question to everyone would be, why are these two becoming an official couple such a big deal and who in fact made it the public's business?
That's the problem with the world today, everyone wants to keep up with the Jones and Kardashians instead of keeping up with themselves.
I'd say this to both Drake and Rhianna, if in fact you guys have become official.. Keep the media and the public the hell away from your personal affairs, because after all misery loves company.

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