Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle, Mexican Food Restauraunt, To Take Their Bowls And Choke On It!! Writing Them A Check For $212,500

Frank Ocean's taste buds don't seem to be watering for any Chipotle, at least not according to the fat check he wrote out to the Mexican Grill.
Frank Ocean just posted a photo of the fat check he sent to the Mexican Grill after the company sued him for $212,500 ... and on the memo, he wrote to kindly "Fuck Off" in the nicest way possible.
For you that are not up to speed with this situation, let me fill you in.
Allegedly, Chipotle sued Frank, claiming it paid him the $212,500 as an advance to record a song for one of its commercials. Chipotle stated Ocean pulled out on the project because the Mexican Grill insisted on using its logo in its own ad ... even though Frank didn't want it.
Chipotle Representatives have stated that they have not seen a dime from that check.
 Well I guess Frank feels that Chipotle can take their steak bowls and shove it right up their ass!
Frank your ah fool for this one.

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