Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dopefiend Willie "Willie Hawkins" Shot Down In The Rough Streets Of Indianapolis, Last Night


Willie Hawkins aka Dope fiend Willie, from Master P's movie "Bout it, Bout it," was gunned down last night on the rough streets of 35th and Clifton in Indianapolis. There has been no reports on who or why he was gunned down as of yet. What Wellsink has learned, is that Dope fiend Willie had been battling a cocaine addiction for over a decade. Hawkins, was also known for stealing Master P's "No Limit" chains and then taking them to the west side of town known as "Haughville" and selling them to the block providers. Willie was in his late forties and had recently hosted "Throwback Thursday's" at the Caribbean Village Nightclub in Indianapolis. A close source to Willie has confirmed that Hawkins, did in fact have at least one child. This is all the information that is available at this time, However, Wellsink will keep you updated as more information becomes available.
What a tragedy this is at best, one has to think of the family of the deceased, being that not less then a few years back his wife had been killed in a drive by shooting, caught by the gun fire that rang through Hawkins home killing his wife and two other people that were in the home at the time of the drive by. Our prayers go out to the Hawkins family and friends, He will be missed. For those of you who have forgotten just who Willie was and How he kept the people entertained, here's a clip for you all to remember.. Rest Easy Willie..
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