Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Could Floyd Mayweather, Be Facing,Mayhem, Kidnapping, And Attempted Murder Charges?!

Could Floyd Mayweather, be facing criminal charges, for allegedly, get this.. beating up two of his employee's for stealing jewelry from his Vegas home. 

According to TMZ, sources state the two men had been hired to perform work on Mayweather's homes, it was then that he began to finger the two employee's out for reportedly, stealing his jewelry.
Sources state that is when Floyd Orchestrated the brutal attack on the two.
The two men have stated that they were in fact contacted weeks ago and instructed to meet Floyd at an off-site location.
The men are claiming that upon arrival Mayweather was there waiting for them with his goons, and it was at that time the men alleged
Floyd and "group" proceeded to carry out a brutal attack on the two where various weapons were involved, including clubs.
Sources state that the beating was so vicious, the men could have easily died, fortunate enough, they'll be leaving the hospital with their lives, only suffering broken arms as well as legs. Reports state the the two men had been hospitalized for days... The men have since sought out legal representation.
Now Floyd, you know you can't go around beating the dog shit out of civilians, you know as well as we do that your hands are deemed a deadly weapon.. We here at Wellsink, hopes this shit blows over for you fast.. Keep your head up.

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