Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Connected By The Music..

Connected by the music, two souls joined as one, who would of known on a normal night, their heart's joined as one, he being in a situation, her backing away from one, It was like a bolt of thunder that came crashing down,  it was then, their journey begun.
The intensity was rare, the presence of chemistry, sent waves shock's through the air, He said he adored her, no longer did she care, of the out-come from it all, she slowly began to slip and fall, alway's been the type to get up real quick...
But, yet this time she couldn't handle it.. She knew that.. He could channel it...Some of you may be thinking that she's thinking about sex, They had only made love, simply through text.. He captivated her mind with the words that he hit, she blew his brain's wit the word's that she spit..
They continued their battle of that poetic shit..
Man, She thought that was so romantic..
Day one, Day two... Day three went by.. They continued this thang on a natural high.. A love like this.. This joint won't die.. I don't know about you.. but I found my guy...
We were connected by this music... That's all that's gone be said as he would say..
" Thatsallyouget"
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