Friday, March 14, 2014

Chris Brown Gets Kicked Out Of Rehab, And Thrown Into Jail

Well it appears that Chris Brown, has been thrown out of rehab and into jail for allegedly violating the rehab rules. Chris who in fact completed his 90 day sentence that the judge ordered him to complete earlier this month, however sources state, that at his last court hearing, the judge extended his stay until his Washington assault case had been finalized.
At that time the judge also stipulated that if Brown did not complete his time in rehab or were to leave the facility, he'd find his self with a one way ticket to jail, and that's just what took place early this morning in Malibu Ca, it has not been made clear what it was that got Chris kicked out, but one thing has got to be certain, Chris has to be tired of the bullshit..
Hey Chris, keep ya head up, they can't keep their foot on ya neck too much longer.
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