Monday, March 24, 2014

Bahaaa!! Ray J Confront's The Mother of Little Cesar, From Planet Of The Apes!!!!!

Funniest shit ever and in fact it may be true. Ray J Took to Instagram on Friday,sharing a picture of what appeared to be "Cesar's" mother from the "Planet of The Apes" Only thing, the look alike was not an animal, but in fact a human being.
The woman by the name of Tina Chastang, has been reportedly, upset that Ray has singled her out from the many of followers on his page.
What makes this story so comical is, Wellsink, happens to be one of those followers and when we got a hold of the picture.. We agreed, Tina does look like a ape, But here's where thing's become fair ass game. Tina, you have your foot on Ray J's neck at every chance you get, and we here at Wellsink think you know exactly what we are referring to. Not too long ago, you took to Ray's page advising him" to leave Kim Kardashian alone, and to focus on him being gay."
In all fairness to Ray J, if you don't like the heat.. Keep ya "Planet of The Apes" lookin ass out of the kitchen, because after all, he has been the butt of all your jokes lately. Maybe now you'll stay in ya cage and continue to feed the monkey's bananas. Ijs..
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