Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dopefiend Willie "Willie Hawkins" Shot Down In The Rough Streets Of Indianapolis, Last Night


Willie Hawkins aka Dope fiend Willie, from Master P's movie "Bout it, Bout it," was gunned down last night on the rough streets of 35th and Clifton in Indianapolis. There has been no reports on who or why he was gunned down as of yet. What Wellsink has learned, is that Dope fiend Willie had been battling a cocaine addiction for over a decade. Hawkins, was also known for stealing Master P's "No Limit" chains and then taking them to the west side of town known as "Haughville" and selling them to the block providers. Willie was in his late forties and had recently hosted "Throwback Thursday's" at the Caribbean Village Nightclub in Indianapolis. A close source to Willie has confirmed that Hawkins, did in fact have at least one child. This is all the information that is available at this time, However, Wellsink will keep you updated as more information becomes available.
What a tragedy this is at best, one has to think of the family of the deceased, being that not less then a few years back his wife had been killed in a drive by shooting, caught by the gun fire that rang through Hawkins home killing his wife and two other people that were in the home at the time of the drive by. Our prayers go out to the Hawkins family and friends, He will be missed. For those of you who have forgotten just who Willie was and How he kept the people entertained, here's a clip for you all to remember.. Rest Easy Willie..

Friday, March 28, 2014

Migos Involved In Shooting,After Performing In Miami

Migos involved in shooting in Miami Florida, after performing at a show last night. Reportedly,Migos and crew were on the freeway,when a UN named vehicle pulled up along side of the van that Migos and his crew had been in, and began to open fire. Fortunately enough, no one in the van was injured.
However, reports are stating that a " bodyguard" was shot and wounded in the leg and was taken to be hospitalized. For those of you wondering, Migos and crew did in fact shoot back, letting off at least 30 rounds. Authorities have has taken the van and the incident is under investigation. Wellsink, Will keep you posted as we learn more on this incident.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Is It So Important In Today's Society To Mind Phuck Or Manipulate Others?!

In today's society we have gotten so caught up in keeping up with the Jones, that some of us just simply are not keeping up with ourselves. It's one thing to become interested in something that someone may be doing in life, and a whole notha thing to be completely engulfed in some one else affairs to the point of hate. If you are constantly trying to find out what your neighbor is doing in their backyard, then how my friend can you keep your own grass green? You can't. 
Have you ever noticed that when you are doing terrible the whole world seems to be with you, but as soon as you begin to try to make an impact on the world, those same people that were once all for you are now against you? And maybe, those people that may be against you, are the same people that you sit down and break bread with.. Everyone can't be fed, and surely not everyone is to be trusted, and it becomes difficult to decipher the real from the fake these day's. Sure, everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs that they are real, but here's my take on it.. Your really full of shit. How can you be real with anyone else when you can't even be real with yourself?
Even in today's relationships, most are so badly forged to the point that today's couples are truly in fact not in it for the love at all, it could be many of reasons why two people are involved and none of them will equal love. Men would rather have a chic who wants to sell her ass for that mighty dolla, and chics are only trying to see how they can mind phuck a man.. I mean the shit has really gotten out of control. Me on the other hand, I'd rather have something real, rather that be in a relationship, friendship, my career or whatever it is that I may be doing. I find no enjoyment trying to get over, use, nor manipulate anyone! However, everyone isn't cut from the same cloth as me. I'm not interested in the Jones, because the Jones hasn't done a thing for Wellsink.
People need to get their minds right! Stop complaining about what's wrong with our society if your one of the ones phucking our society up.. Ijs.
This has been a PBA from Wellsink "Raw and Uncut"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bahaaa!! Ray J Confront's The Mother of Little Cesar, From Planet Of The Apes!!!!!

Funniest shit ever and in fact it may be true. Ray J Took to Instagram on Friday,sharing a picture of what appeared to be "Cesar's" mother from the "Planet of The Apes" Only thing, the look alike was not an animal, but in fact a human being.
The woman by the name of Tina Chastang, has been reportedly, upset that Ray has singled her out from the many of followers on his page.
What makes this story so comical is, Wellsink, happens to be one of those followers and when we got a hold of the picture.. We agreed, Tina does look like a ape, But here's where thing's become fair ass game. Tina, you have your foot on Ray J's neck at every chance you get, and we here at Wellsink think you know exactly what we are referring to. Not too long ago, you took to Ray's page advising him" to leave Kim Kardashian alone, and to focus on him being gay."
In all fairness to Ray J, if you don't like the heat.. Keep ya "Planet of The Apes" lookin ass out of the kitchen, because after all, he has been the butt of all your jokes lately. Maybe now you'll stay in ya cage and continue to feed the monkey's bananas. Ijs..

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playin Wit The Dark Side, When This Shit Gone End?!!

I go through this life seeing many shades of red.. Takes so much just to keep up ma head.. I wanna hurt a mutha fucka, yet I cry instead.. Vision of the struggle foreva plays wit ma head.. My heart hurts and not from this condition, because I'm stagnated right here in this position.. The music makes me dance.. it like feels ma soul.. completing me, where as once I was not whole.. Then music came.. It's always sang in ma ear, gave me solitude, when no one else was there, I'd put on my ear phones, and let the music take control.. How music made me feel.. no one would really ever know.. Stuck in a two by four cell.. Music, kept me from reliving that hell.. A writer at best, but that wasn't all.. I wrote of everything, even music..It helped me stand tall..
The pain from it all.. I mean this shit is real.. How could one single thing..make this bitch feel.. as if the fat lady has sung her last song.. I'm doing everything right, don't see what I'm doing wrong..
Grip said "All theses bitches want is drugs" all keno want is from the music is to be loved!!
Maybe in a way, I may be asking too much.. Feel like bowin' down right about now, I just don't give a phuck.. Step into the light so I can blow up.. Could give a phuck what chew think about Ke.. You doin you Imma damn show do me..This ain't the Bad Girls Club, this is my reality.. Excuse ma french, but the music won't let me be, late at night I hear it calling me.. write a line maybe two.. it's saying "Your stuck in this web that I've spun for you" Tell me Keno, what chew gone do..Keep spinnin' ya wheels or let me comfort you, show you all the things that I can do..
Look at how much I've already done for you.. I'll give you it all if you just let me in.. With me on ya side..all you do is win.. I'm playin with the dark side..when this shit gone end..

Has Indianapolis Become One Of The Worst Places To Live, Law Makers Seem To Believe So, See Just What They Plan On Doing About It!!

It appear's that the Indianapolis, is under attack, with murder and Mayhem being at it's all time high.More than 38,000 crimes have been reported in the city last year alone. Although that number is down some  points from 2012, that’s a lot for a city that isn’t that big. That’s a lot of car thefts, armed robberies, rapes and burglaries. Public Safety Director Troy Riggs will tell you, it’s a lowball number. Many crimes go unreported, out of fear or frustration. One of his goals is to get more people to report crimes so police can respond better to problems. Politically, that’ll be tough, as opponents will seize on the increased numbers. But it’s reality and it’s the right thing to do.

The crime rate has gotten so out of control that Political officals have implemented new laws for the state for 2013-14, and get this.. Some of the laws that have been implemented, may in fact, shock the shit out of you.. Here is what Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" has just discovered.

Sweeping changes that Indiana lawmakers made this year to sentencing guidelines in hopes of slowing the growth of the state's prison population will actually have the opposite effect, according to a report presented Tuesday to a legislative committee.The panel hired Applied Research Services Inc. to analyze Indiana's revised sentencing guidelines, which are scheduled to take effect next July. Its report concludes the changes will increase the state's prison population over the next 10 years.
As if they weren't dishing out time to brotha's like they were dishing out free meals already.. Wellsink, refuses to believe that giving and extending jail time to inmates will make anything better. Could this be some type of hidden agenda somewhere?
John Speir, the co-founder of the Atlanta-based consulting firm, told committee members the new law's requirement that inmates serve at least 75 percent of their sentences will offset changes lawmakers made in reclassifying offenses and setting new sentencing ranges.
Indiana's current law allows most inmates to be released after serving half or less of their sentences if they stay out of trouble while behind bars.

The sentencing overhaul approved by lawmakers in April was designed to reduce the need to build new prison space or release inmates early by placing low-level offenders in probation, work-release or addiction-treatment programs..
Indianapolis, is reported to have two of the most Dangerous Neighborhoods.

The first area is along Meridian and Illinois streets and Capitol Avenue north of 30th Street. The report ranks that area as the 17th most dangerous, So with this bit of information being circulated through the media, is it safe to say, this is why the New Laws for Indianapolis has been implemented? This just goes to prove what Wellsink has been saying for year's now.. Thing's are going on in higher places that we as a society needs to pay more attention to, Turn your televisions off, turn the volume down on the radio and begin to focus on the things that have been going on right under or very noses for years.
We as a whole can only complain about the thing's that get under or skin, only if we are willing to take a stance and make a change.. Tell me, are you willing to take that stand?
This is Wellsink, coming to you from those mean streets of Indianapolis.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Little J Gambino, Of the Famous "Gambino Family" added Dj Keno aka Keshia Wells To Her V.I.P Room

You see me in the pic.. That Gansta shit runs in ma blood ya dig..

Sex and Teenage Children, Are We Exploiting Them, Through Music and Television?

Sex in teenage children, has it gotten way out of control? Is what our children watching on television and listening to in music, sending the wrong message to the children of today? Isn't it bad enough, that the  message in today's music is saying that it is okay to have sex at a early age, It's okay to have a grown man or woman looking at you as if you were a sex object.
With music like "Partition" quickly climbing the chart's, and little girls singing "Drunk in love" while they gyrate all over the place, is it now fair to say the shit has just simply gotten out of control?
Here in 2014, we have in fact seen a decrease in teen pregnancy, however an increase of more and more teenage children having sex with men and women triple their age, which brings me to this point..
I am a mother of both female and male teenagers, and by no means is it okay for a 42-year-old woman to have a sexual relationship with a young man and vice versa for a man. I for one just couldn't find myself becoming interested in a young child, what on earth could a 15 or 16 year old kid have to offer a grown man or woman? Nothing at all in my opinion, other then some advice. Here is some reality for you to chew on, my 6 year old daughter has a friend and they are both in the same grade and same class, which in turn makes them the same age. This is where things get a little sick, the child friend of my daughter, father has just turned 24, so what does that say to you? I know right... sick. But that's the world that we live in today. Women are so desperate that they are now sleeping with little boy's. Now we can all use the argument that men have been doing this exact same thing for year's.. But who said that was okay? Ladies, it is the responsibility as mother's to teach our young women and men the difference between right and wrong.. It is my opinion that we need to get it back to the old day's, You know the day's when you were to pick your own switch.. I assure, you that it would be alot less disrespect going on in today's youth and damn sure no sex, because for one, they would be too afraid off that ass whoopin' that followed the thought of having sex. Ijs

AudioAllusionStudios - Young Rip F. Big-B - Southside 2 Naptown Video

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Connected By The Music..

Connected by the music, two souls joined as one, who would of known on a normal night, their heart's joined as one, he being in a situation, her backing away from one, It was like a bolt of thunder that came crashing down,  it was then, their journey begun.
The intensity was rare, the presence of chemistry, sent waves shock's through the air, He said he adored her, no longer did she care, of the out-come from it all, she slowly began to slip and fall, alway's been the type to get up real quick...
But, yet this time she couldn't handle it.. She knew that.. He could channel it...Some of you may be thinking that she's thinking about sex, They had only made love, simply through text.. He captivated her mind with the words that he hit, she blew his brain's wit the word's that she spit..
They continued their battle of that poetic shit..
Man, She thought that was so romantic..
Day one, Day two... Day three went by.. They continued this thang on a natural high.. A love like this.. This joint won't die.. I don't know about you.. but I found my guy...
We were connected by this music... That's all that's gone be said as he would say..
" Thatsallyouget"

Tj Soto Mayor, Who Are You?!!!

Okay normally I do not like to get combative with people, However Tj Soto Mayor from You-Tube has really rubbed me the wrong way. Now I'm what you would be to consider a fair woman when writing my blogs,  articles, or merely speaking on air, but since Tj seems like to not want to play fair.. then neither am I.  recently I watched on You-Tube, where this man, a so called black man, degraded and down played black women to the point it actually made my blood boil..
Tj, I would like to inform you as a educated black woman, on just where it is I am coming from. I refuse to put you in the category of being a King, you don't deserve to hold that title. In listening in and watching you report on Jhonnie Blaze and her recent arrest in the murder of her husband.
I want to start off by saying that you need not worry about me pulling that "but, Tj your a black man card, neither will I use your mother as an example of how you were birth by a black woman therefore you should respect the African American Queen" because truthfully, if I were your mother I'd be ashamed to say that I brought a "Nigger!!" like you into this world and if your as educated as you proclaim to be, then you should know that a "Nigger" is a highly UN-educated person in which you surely fit the description of.
The way you sat and down played black women, made you look like a fool and I surely can not believe that people are even tuning in to listen to that nonsense you let fly up outta your mouth.. One comment imparticular that really got my blood to boiling, was your comment on, how the only thing a black women is good for is " fucking and fighting" You sound about as comical as you look. I'm here to tell you that I am a highly educated woman with a AA Degree in Journalism, Radio Host, Blogger and in my normal year's I worked as an E.R.Tech.. I said that to say this.. I apologize that the black women that you may have come encounter with were bums, That had no idea where their future was headed. However I can assure you that you have Doctor's, Lawyers, Writers, Bio-Chemist as well as Entertainers and Muscian's that are all black women doing great things.. Is Michelle Obama not a black woman doing big thing's? Sure she is, and I bet if she wanted to, She could buy your soul.. Not all black women are wearing fake hair, and even if thy are, that still dosen't give you the right to down play or disrespect her because of  her style or how she desires's to wear her hair, after all that's just petty! You should be ashamed of yourself!
You also had this to say to my "King's" which let me reitergrate you are not one of. You have let society brain wash you into hating your own kind as if the white man was looking at you as if you were a white man, advising our "True Kings" to do away with the black woman.. Listen, just because you enjoy the company of a white woman or whatever race it is that makes you feel like a man, doesn't mean that all black women are no good, and to tell all brotha's if their stll dating "Black" women, it's something wrong with them and they just can't get anyone else, Is just another sad case of " Another black man that has been diluted with hatered for his own kind" back in the day, You were referred to as a "Uncle Tom" or a "House Nigga" so house "Nigga" here's what I'd say to you, get to the bottom of why you really hate black women, maybe in seeing the truth, you'll begin to see, that it's really not the black woman, but rather the women who took part in raising you. Until next time, This has been another Wellsink, Food fa thought..
To see what all Tj Soto Mayor had to say about all black women, please visit the ignorance, at the link that has been provided below.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

She Met You

He came like a thief in the night,  unexpected. She had not known that he would capture her attention in the manner that he did, It had been more then one conversation that the two had shared, He was involved with a married woman, so she didn't care, about over stepping boundaries, or stepping on any ones toes, she was merely going for just what she knows, Why would she hold back, or deny herself the feeling of being loved?.. She knew in her mind that this was a match that was made in heaven, This could turn into something that she could cherish, something pure..
His voice was like thunder, so masculine and strong, she thought to herself, "how could wanting him be wrong?"
He wanted her just like she wanted him, he never voiced his thoughts, he was a gentleman, if the opportunity had not presented itself, he would of let the shit ride.. There would have been no feelings to harbor inside..
The duo were go gettas, with destinations in life, their dreams, goals, and visions, would set them just right..
He made her laugh with the things that he'd say, in talking to him, she never felt that it was judgement day..
I imagine, it was the Cancer in him that made him so sweet, the
Cancer in him that kept her from sleep..
She felt the connection as it pulled at her heart.. Simply afraid to give love.. begin a new start... She had been hurt by more then a few, with that love, she said she was through, that was until, she met you..

Energy Drainers..

Are you feeling under the weather? Or as if you just don't have the energy to do the thing's that you use to enjoy in life? Before you go running to your physician, asking for the newest brand of Anti-Depressants, Maybe you'll want to read this first.
Did you know that the company you keep could very well be the reason that your feeling under the weather, down or just out right blue. Some people in life tend to harbor negative energies with them in life. Have you ever met a person who was always down on their luck? or complaining about everything in and around their lives?
Those are what I would like to call energy drainers, Vampires, if you will only circulating around to bring you as much unhappiness that they may have.
There's a cure for this type of symptom and it's called, simply removing that negative energy from your circle.
You may even find yourself not being able to complete the simplest goals you've set for yourself. The good news, all is not lost. Once you begin to remove the negative things, situations and people from around you and the things that you may be involved in, you'll begin to see a change in everything around you. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself, and watch just how much better you begin to feel.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion Designer, and Long Time Girlfriend of Mick Jagger Found Dead

L'Wren Scott, Fashion Designer and long time girlfriend of Mick Jagger hung herself and was found today in Manhattan,According to authorities, she had been found by her assistant, this morning around 10:00am. Officials have stated that she was found hanging from a door nob, and police do not expect foul play

Could Chris Brown Be Facing Up To Four Year's Jail Time?

Chris Brown has been ordered to stay in jail until April 23rd, Brown had been kicked out of rehab last Friday, at that time it had not been made clear on just why it was he was leaving the rehab in handcuffs on his way to jail.. Well, today we have a little bit more information regarding this situation.
The judge feels that Chris can not stay out of trouble and was really concerned about a statement he made while in rehab, stating that " he is good with knives and guns" If chris Brown is convicted in the Rhianna case, he could be facing up to four year's behind bars.. Good luck with all that Chris, we here at Wellsink, hopes everything works out in your favor..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Has Drake and Rhianna Found Love In Each Other?

Has Drake and Rhianna, finally decided to give love a try? That's what sources close to the duo are in fact now saying, claiming that every since Rhianna has arrived in Europe to join Drake while he is on tour there, the duo has spent every night with one another.  Sources state, Rhianna has went as far as saying that "Drake treats her better then anyone she has ever been with"
and as for Drake, reportedly, he has been in the best mood ever.
If Drake and Rhianna have become official, then that's a good thing, But my question to everyone would be, why are these two becoming an official couple such a big deal and who in fact made it the public's business?
That's the problem with the world today, everyone wants to keep up with the Jones and Kardashians instead of keeping up with themselves.
I'd say this to both Drake and Rhianna, if in fact you guys have become official.. Keep the media and the public the hell away from your personal affairs, because after all misery loves company.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Master P, Worth $200 Million Dollars And Allegdly Leaving Estranged Wife Sonya Miller To Apply For Welfare?!

Oh Boy, Looks as if Master P's wife.. Soyna Miller is crying the blues, Stating that Master P has left her broke  and penniless to fend for her four younger children, Leaving her no other choice but to go and apply for welfare. Sonya claims that P is worth $200 million dollars and can't comprehend why she has been left to move in with their oldest son Lil Romeo, after helping him build his empire No Limit Records, Clothing line, and the list goes on..
It's disheartening for one, to see this relationship fall to it's demise after sharing so many year's with one another. At the end of the day, the focus shouldn't be the money, because essentially, it's the children who loses out in the end, they lose that stability that they at one point were accustomed to.
Divorce is a hard pill to swallow for anyone, especially small children, we here at Wellsink hopes that P and Sonya can resolve the issue that they are having and some how reach a happy medium where everyone involved ends up winning..

Friday, March 14, 2014

Chris Brown Gets Kicked Out Of Rehab, And Thrown Into Jail

Well it appears that Chris Brown, has been thrown out of rehab and into jail for allegedly violating the rehab rules. Chris who in fact completed his 90 day sentence that the judge ordered him to complete earlier this month, however sources state, that at his last court hearing, the judge extended his stay until his Washington assault case had been finalized.
At that time the judge also stipulated that if Brown did not complete his time in rehab or were to leave the facility, he'd find his self with a one way ticket to jail, and that's just what took place early this morning in Malibu Ca, it has not been made clear what it was that got Chris kicked out, but one thing has got to be certain, Chris has to be tired of the bullshit..
Hey Chris, keep ya head up, they can't keep their foot on ya neck too much longer.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet Grip Da Bodyrocka, New Artist Quickly On The Rise

Grip Da Bodyrocka, originated from Cleavland Ohio, where he lived until the ripe age of 15-years-old. It was then his family move to Indiana.
Grip sits down with DJ Keno to tell us all about his album and more. Da Bodyrocka has been interested in the music industry since the age of 11, but got real serious about his craft back in '2007, with his father, Henry James Abercrombie aka C-note being his greatest inspiration, with his father being a DJ with Lady K, along with Chuck Conway Jr.
Grip, is more then a Hip-Hop artist, he dibbles in a little bit of everything, from R and B on down to Gangsta Rap "I'm all over the earth with it, I'm tryna touch everythang," Grip said
You won't find the Bodyrocka sitting idle or faking it til he makes it.. he is most definitely in the business of showing you just what he is made of.. Instead of talking the talk, he has proven he can make that walk.
With performing recently at such places such as, "Pea Body's" outta Cleavland, "The Sutra Lounge" located in the ATL, and many more to name.
Currently you can find Grip working on his album "Sumthin Serious" which consist of 28 tracks.
DJ Keno was given the opportunity to listen in on some of his slap, that can be heard on, and I'm here to tell you his music goes hard and is nothing like today's music "that blows up and pops" as the Grip quoted.
Wellsink, can assure you that his heat is far from "bubble yum" y'all, but I guess you 'll have to be the judge of that.
Currently Da Bodyrocka is not signed to any labels, however has distribution deals going on with Sony Red as well as Jive Records, Grip has taken his craft to a whole new level and is a force to be reckoned with! Keep ya eyes and ears open, because if you blink too long, he'd of have past you up like a train speeding down those railroad tracks!
Grip Da Bodyrocka, wanted to end the interview with a huge shout out to, Krushz Diamonds, a all female promotion team, Captain C, his plug with Rap-alot-Records, DJ Kut Master Chill, DJ K Yung, his bike club, Moville Ground Shakers and last but not least "I gotta give it up to all my fans and supporters, if it wasn't for them, none of this would be possible.
Wellsink, looks forward to seeing and hearing more of this talented young man.. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Man.. That Shit Is Fa The Weak!!

I guess for me it could of been several of thing's that would set me off. When your raised by a pack of wolves, no time to be soft! I been cursed by the enemy, comes to me like he was a friend of me, all while plotting against me.. Body runnin, on like half past dead, no sleep.. no food I'd rather.. grind on instead!
Vision of bullshit keep flashin in ma head.. instead of "Keep Calm," Should I blow up instead... you be livin in non-reality's.. Like that movie "Drop Dead Fred"
Come here, lay down.. want something to eat.. you tired, relax, massage ya shoulder's and feet?
I'm a woman no doubt..I stand on ma feet! 
Tear's won't fall, bricks won't crumble, I damn show won't compete..wit ah bish fa ah cat.. that was so like last week.. Blinder's off real talk, Keno goin in deep.. ah soft ass chic, ah cryin hoe.. Man that shits fa the weak, I told ya'll from the start.. only truth will I speak..

Could Floyd Mayweather, Be Facing,Mayhem, Kidnapping, And Attempted Murder Charges?!

Could Floyd Mayweather, be facing criminal charges, for allegedly, get this.. beating up two of his employee's for stealing jewelry from his Vegas home. 

According to TMZ, sources state the two men had been hired to perform work on Mayweather's homes, it was then that he began to finger the two employee's out for reportedly, stealing his jewelry.
Sources state that is when Floyd Orchestrated the brutal attack on the two.
The two men have stated that they were in fact contacted weeks ago and instructed to meet Floyd at an off-site location.
The men are claiming that upon arrival Mayweather was there waiting for them with his goons, and it was at that time the men alleged
Floyd and "group" proceeded to carry out a brutal attack on the two where various weapons were involved, including clubs.
Sources state that the beating was so vicious, the men could have easily died, fortunate enough, they'll be leaving the hospital with their lives, only suffering broken arms as well as legs. Reports state the the two men had been hospitalized for days... The men have since sought out legal representation.
Now Floyd, you know you can't go around beating the dog shit out of civilians, you know as well as we do that your hands are deemed a deadly weapon.. We here at Wellsink, hopes this shit blows over for you fast.. Keep your head up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frank Ocean Tells Chipotle, Mexican Food Restauraunt, To Take Their Bowls And Choke On It!! Writing Them A Check For $212,500

Frank Ocean's taste buds don't seem to be watering for any Chipotle, at least not according to the fat check he wrote out to the Mexican Grill.
Frank Ocean just posted a photo of the fat check he sent to the Mexican Grill after the company sued him for $212,500 ... and on the memo, he wrote to kindly "Fuck Off" in the nicest way possible.
For you that are not up to speed with this situation, let me fill you in.
Allegedly, Chipotle sued Frank, claiming it paid him the $212,500 as an advance to record a song for one of its commercials. Chipotle stated Ocean pulled out on the project because the Mexican Grill insisted on using its logo in its own ad ... even though Frank didn't want it.
Chipotle Representatives have stated that they have not seen a dime from that check.
 Well I guess Frank feels that Chipotle can take their steak bowls and shove it right up their ass!
Frank your ah fool for this one.

Kim Kardashian Involved In A Car Accident, On Sunset Blvd, Earlier Today!

Kim Kardashian, was apparently involved in a car accident today, damaging her Mercedes G Wagon, on Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Fortunate enough for Kim and the other party, no one was injured. At the end of the day, both cars were damaged, however no one received a ticket and no one was hurt. In fact According to TMZ, Both Kim and the other party of the accident drove to Beverly Hill's Hotel, hugged and said their goodbyes.. This is what Wellsink, would like to call a hug and Run.

Monday, March 10, 2014

What Is The "Secret" To Success? Could It All Lie In Just A Single Thought?

What is the the secret to success? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Some would like to believe, that it is the talent for whatever craft you may posses, while  others may believe it was just a matter of " being in the right place at the right time" and it very well may be, that you happened to know someone that can eliminate all the red tape on your climb, and sit you right on top.
While I'd like to think that it is nothing more then throwing your every want and desire at the doorstep of our big great universe.
Did you know that everything you have in your life whether it be good or bad.. You have in fact, thought it into existence?
Have you ever wondered why it is, "Bob" beat you out of that promotion you had been waiting all year on , and he definitely had far less experience in the position, where some may have said "You" would have excelled in.
The reason "Bob" received that promotion,is  because he first thought about getting it,  and then he may have even went as far as writing it down over and over again, on a single sheet of paper, of what he would accomplish within the company, with his new promotion. Then he focused on getting it.. Instead of saying things like.."I hope I get That promotion," or "I don't want to continue working for this company on this salary" Change up, begin to say what you do want in your life and not what you don't want.
The thing to remember is, everything is an energy a vibration.. I could go on and on but I think you get the just..
Begin to create happiness, see things with a clear vision, another way to help you focus on the very things you want in and out of life, is to begin to sharpen your senses, to allow you to see things behind closed eyelids if you will, this is called "Chakra" seeing things clearly through your third eye..
There are a few ways that this can be done..I was reading Rudolf Steiners book "Higher Knowledge" and there are several things he mentions you should be developed in before attempting any of these exercises, Samual Sagan leaves all of these out of his book but does recommend reading Steiners manuscript. To be honest with you, it's quite difficult to understand
Rudolf Steiner book, it's not an easy read, and I'm finding it quite difficult to understand him with his explanations and so on, it's also quite concerning, as he mentions if your not developed in all the recommendations that he is advising then you will become a play thing for spiritual forces and your 16 Petaled lotus (astral body)will be deformed and not pure) there's a multitude of hard things to achieve that he advises. In a nut shell, this is not a practice one should carry out without a professional to assist them.
I said all of this to say, if your looking to reach higher ground in life or simply accomplish those super high goals you've set fourth for yourself, remain positive at all times.. and just when things begin to look a little dark.. Step back into the light and begin to think positive thoughts, I promise you when you begin to change the way think.. everyone and everything around you begins to change as well..
#Food for Thought

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sleepless in Vegas..

There was no noise to keep her awake in the dark of the night, as she closed her eyes, his vision she'd fight, wanting, hoping, even wishing this time it be right.. but just cause she can't see it, don't mean she can't smell shit right?
Another sleepless night in Vegas as she holds her pillow tight.. It can't be a lie, a thought she whispered in her head as she gave him a look over as he slept over night.
Wanting it to never end..those hugs that held her tight..
She wondered how long she'd be able to play the game..wondered how long it would be, before she could utter his name.. No she didn't want the drama, that came with wanting him.. all she really wanted was for the two to be forever friends..
She thought about his smile.. the way he made her laugh.. day one... day two.. Damn! that shit went fast.. She couldn't bare to think that he'd be soon part of her past.. No.. she wanted..even needed to be closer to him then ever before.. Anticipating the moment he walked back through her door.. Would she say she loved him? No. She wouldn't dare.. in a way, she thought it to be truly unfair, to harbor such feelings for a man she couldn't fully say belonged to her..
All she knew was she needed him..yes..yes sir..
There was something real about the way their souls connect, the way he pushed up on her and kissed her gently on the neck..
Only time will tell excactly where she stands, but until that day.. She'll forever remain his rhyme to his music and continue to live his dance.

What Is It About Him That Makes A Woman Dismiss All His Wrong Doings?

However, does the dynamics of things change once you have gotten to know that man? Once you have accumulated several text messages in your phone, several conversations and multiple nights where you have laid awake on plenty of countless nights thinking of him.
Is the woman to blame or does he share the blame as well? because after all, didn't he deceive you? It's one thing to be half way honest and a whole other thing to flat out lie to ultimately get what it is you want. As a man that is in a relationship, whether that relationship is good or bad, the terms and stipulations of that relationship become irrelevant when the whole truth has not been told.We as women should begin to look deep.. maybe investigate the situation a little more before entering into something that could eventually bring you pain
I feel a lot of women end up in these type of situations, not by being ignorant, but by being lonely for whatever reasons why we are lonely, and simply looking for someone to fill that void...
We are mother's, doctors, healers, cooks, housekeepers and the back bone of our homes, and let me assure you, that at the end of the day, we in turn want what we dish out
But does love come with a price now a days or are we better off without the drama?
I'd like to believe and maybe this only exist in the fairytale land of Pisces, that somewhere, some place, love is in the air, Guess you just have to be able to see things with clear vision and keep your senses open, because if something is off, your sure to smell bullshit someone around..

Will the Carter Family Opt Out On Attending Kim and Kayne's Wedding in May?

It appears that Jay-Z and Beyonce, just may not be attending Kim and Kayne's wedding, which initially Jay-Z had agreed to be the best man, however anyone familiar with the situation, knows all too well the beef that Kim and Beyonce has had brewing over the years. Jay-Z, simply refuses to have his wife or daughter parading around on a live reality television show and before that happens, he'll opt out of being Kayne's best man at his wedding in May, if the wedding is televised on "Keeping up with the Kardashians". That has to be some kind of awkward for Yezzy being that him and Jay are extremely close.
It will be interesting to see how this wedding/best man thing pans out in the end.. But hey, if Jay can't stand in, Kris Jenner has already got plan b in full effect...There's Always Rob.

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...