Monday, February 24, 2014

Twista Mourns The Death of Body Guard and Close Friend 6'9 aka Davy Easterling

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Another tragedy strikes the music industry as close friend and body guard of Rapper, Twista was found fatally shot and burned inside of a Chicago Apartment on Friday. Just prior to learning of the brutal death of Davy Easterling, Twista posted to Instagram and Twitter that 6'9 had been missing for days, urging anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact him. Easterling was found on the 8300 block of South Baker Ave, around 6am. Fire Fighter Officials have stated that the fire was in fact incendiary.. Meaning that the fire was started by the force of someone's hands. As of yet there has not been any indication on who the perpetrator is and the murder of 6'9 is still under investigation. Wow, when will all this violence end? Why are we losing so many of our men to street violence? Twists himself had this to say "#R.I.P. I have lost too many good friends to these streets" Wellsink, would like to send our prayers to the Davy family as well as Twista and friends.
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