Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Roy Jones, Continuing To Fight For What He Believes In, In And Out of The Ring

45-year-old, Roy Jones, first to ever win a Heavyweight title in 106 year's back in 2003. is now taking a swing at politics, as he climbs in the ring, to fight for Mayor,of the city of Pensacola located in Florida beginning next election. Jones feel's in today's society, there just isn't any real role models inside the homes of today's youth and states that he wants to be the one children draw inspiration from when they are not receiving that guidance inside the homes. Roy isn't kidding around about his new career path either, acquiring ten times the signature's he needed to make himself eligible 5,000 to be precise. Jones is sure that he can beat his opponent stating that " I've been opposed my whole life and I've always won" As we all know to be true. Good luck with your future endeavors Roy from all of us here @ Wellsink Raw and Uncut.

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