Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Round and Round..

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A merry go round, in which only I spin, wondering contemplating, on how this shit began.. Give me fifty feet.. I like need ma space.. Spittin when you talk, all up in my face.. Piranha your a gold fish.. You can't compete in this race.. They call me.. Hmm.. Whatcha call it? What's that there bank.. You see em everywhere, their all over the place.. Ching..Ching.. Oh yea.. It's that bank called "Chase".. That's where I'm runnnin' I'm in this paper race.. Onna paypa mission.. Like dat whino on the corna, in front of that liquor store.. He sits' in one place.. Just like him.. I gotta get get me a taste, of that realll.. Good life.. No time.. to waste, in ah hurry real fasss.. Please look at my face.. I ain't playin.. Please don't test me.. And that's all.. Imma say. http://kewellsink.blogspot.com
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